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Incision into a capsule, especially that of the crystalline lens of the eye, as to remove cataracts by surgery.
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Posterior capsular opacifications were treated by careful Nd-Yag laser capsulotomy. There was no case of post op retinal detachment during six months follow up.
This article which consisted of findings of a recent large clinical case series reported in medical literature is constituted for the purpose of screening the four types of the ablative surgical treatment methods (i.e., anterior cingulotomy, anterior capsulotomy, subcaudate tractotomy, limbic leucotomy) and their safety and efficacy in patients with TRMD.
Anterior continuous curvilinear capsularrhexis (CCC) was done by capsulotomy needle and lens was aspirated by simcoe cannula.
Barcia et al (2007) and Leiphart & Valone-III (2010) recognized that the most frequent psychosurgeries are anterior capsulotomy, which have been shown beneficial for general anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, and anterior cingulotomy, which have shown improvements for depression, bipolar and schizoaffective disorders.
* Patients with these lenses are very sensitive to even small amounts of posterior capsular opacification so the threshold for needing a YAG laser posterior capsulotomy is lower in this group
There are very few reports concerning the relationship between different IOLs and VAO in congenital cataract surgery with posterior capsulotomy and AV.
Complications like posterior capsular opacification were noted and were referred for YAG capsulotomy. Patients with increased intraocular pressures and patients with hypertension and diabetes were properly counselled and referred as needed.
These lesions may be related to capsulotomy or surgical approach; therefore, further surgical intervention was not performed.
Posterior capsule opacification was observed in all eyes at a mean of 10.8 months postoperatively and Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy was performed on 4 eyes at a mean of 70.7 months postoperatively.
Neodymium:Yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) laser posterior capsulotomy is the best choice of treatment for compilations associated after ECCE surgery and has more than 95% success rate and is an eminent surgical procedure for PCO which is natural consequence of ECCE surgery.
Nd:YAG laser (VISULAS YAG III, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Jena, Germany) and Ocular Abraham Capsulotomy YAG Laser Lens were performed with a posterior approach.