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Incision into a capsule, especially that of the crystalline lens of the eye, as to remove cataracts by surgery.
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The use of femtolaser systems for making incisions during capsulotomy helps reduce human errors.
He also patented the superior capsulotomy ("supercap") total hip arthroplasty technique in 2005, and co-invented a similar procedure called "superpath.
A transverse capsulotomy just distal to the bladder neck was then performed (Fig.
YAG capsulotomy, suspected retinal tear/PVD and child referrals were the most likely to demonstrate minimal information, for example cases with only description of signs and symptoms as 'YAG please' or 'see to rule out tear'.
Platt was recently published in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, Resolution of negative dysphotopsia after laser anterior capsulotomy.
An anterior capsulotomy was then performed, followed by decortication of the subchondral bone neighboring the torn labrum.
Tenders are invited for Purchase and installatioin of equipment (Micro Plate ELISA Reader With Washer, Mechanical Ventilator, Slit Lamp, Ultrasonic Biometry Machine With Pachymeter, ND-Yag Laser Capsulotomy, ISE Based Electrolyte Analyser, Etc.
8394084, contains broad claims and describes a 3D image-based femtosecond laser system for performing anterior capsulotomy and lens fragmentation during the cataract procedure.
Either a continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis or an envelope capsulotomy was performed, with trypan blue if necessary.
In patients with older style plate haptic intraocular lenses, running immediately after YAG laser capsulotomy is not advisable.
Ten years later, the patient returned with complaints of visual acuity loss in the right eye, and so received another capsulotomy.
Stereotactic lesion procedures such as anterior cingulotomy, subcaudate tractotomy, and anterior capsulotomy have been previously described for the treatment of psychiatric illness, and continue to be used on a small scale at expert centers, Dr.