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Adv.1.captivatingly - in a bewitching mannercaptivatingly - in a bewitching manner; "she was bewitchingly beautiful"
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Cornmeal continues its tradition of explosive live shows and sophisticated, captivatingly fun originals.
Captivatingly written and rich with thick descriptions that virtually transport the reader to the featured locations and people, Love, Sex, and Migration makes an impressive contribution to the scholarship on gender and transnational migration in postsocialist societies.
His tone was even, nutty and mellow, important notes picked out from surrounding figuration in this captivatingly fluent performance.
As a final example of patents directed to the content of expression, Figure 5 depicts a flowchart drawn from a captivatingly droll and recursive turn of the century patent claiming a machine and method for drafting patents.
Captivatingly written, Erthia comes to life and the characters seem real.
Paul Pogba, whose importance What made Mourinho tick was he settled Samuel is undeniably greater than Van Nistelrooy's, is dominating the post-Premier League window gossips yet United threatened to begin their competitive campaign as captivatingly as they did in 2006.
But, to a great extent, the masses are carried away, in most matters, by the 'magic', the 'drama', the 'gimmick', the 'fancy dress', the 'lies', and the like, very cleverly and captivatingly presented to them by the power-mongering guys.
He was using pure Urdu words to emphasize the idea of the event to the listeners, besides the crowd was listening him so captivatingly. But, the event lost its allure when the speaker used the word "Suwagat" while welcoming the chief guest that resulted in a stunned silence in crowd.
The film captivatingly portrays the newly found passion and inspiration of Hedi in the form of "freedom".
Captivatingly photographed, and convincingly narrated.
The two sides--bushy wilderness and otherworldly flower garden--described through Kezia's eyes, correspond to Mansfield's comment on the Wellington gardens: on the one side, flowers that are too pretty to be real, and on the other, the captivatingly wild bush beckons the young writer or any viewer with its unruly appeal.