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Adv.1.captivatingly - in a bewitching mannercaptivatingly - in a bewitching manner; "she was bewitchingly beautiful"
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And if David Leveaux's glittering new production, led by a movingly befuddled Simon Russell Beale and a captivatingly gage Essie Davis, inspires more admiration for the comical hijinx than for the windy philosophizing, so be it.
He's a man on a mission who speaks directly yet curtly; it's assumed that one of the bar dancers, Mary, played captivatingly by Scarlett Chorvat, is "Push's" other lead character.
Painterly pic is either needlessly oblique or captivatingly mysterious, according to the viewer's appetite for an exercise in which the journey is supposed to be as precious as the destination.
Two captivatingly drawn women and two truly winning performances help distinguish the material, which is handled with warmth, assurance and genuine affection for the characters and milieu by first-time feature director Patricia Cardoso.
These captivatingly performed segments do not, however, seem to blend easily into the more personal fabric of the show, despite Jo Bonney's fluid direction.
When these cabbies talk, they may appear to be just passing the time, but what they subtly and captivatingly reveal to the audience through their casual banter is the essence of a life, the dream that reveals a blighted but hopeful soul, the memory of an indignity that has scarred a career.
Even so, "The Hurricane" is so intriguingly plotted and captivatingly acted that it's easy to overlook its dramatic flaws and overall soft gaze.
Even in 1961 she did not possess a beautiful voice or the bland prettiness of an average ingenue, and so little has been lost with the passage of years: Now as then, she croaks more captivatingly than most singers sing, and she infuses her performance as Mimi Paragon, the ship's put-upon cruise director, with a deadpan cynicism that's corrosively funny, even when she's racing through the dialogue almost dismissively.
Rigg's captivatingly tart performance as a woman whose thirst for power is unquenchable.
Williams, who was underappreciated for her work in the ill-fated "The Postman," will surely not escape notice this time out, as she is captivatingly beautiful and intelligent as the source of Max's obsessive frustration.
The film captivatingly portrays the newly found passion and inspiration of Hedi in the form of "freedom".
Captivatingly photographed, and convincingly narrated.