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Adv.1.captivatingly - in a bewitching mannercaptivatingly - in a bewitching manner; "she was bewitchingly beautiful"
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Following young officer Tom from Sandhurst to his deployment in Helmand, the evocation of life in a warzone is captivatingly real - down to the heat, dust, bad food and periods of boredom interspersed with high drama.
She captivatingly analyzed the extant literature--"an archive of subsumed meanings"--about food since colonial times to the present day.
Payne's life, observes the New York Times, is "a terrific story" that Morris vividly and captivatingly tells.
For those expiring winter months at the moment, the new PC downloadable Snow Globe: Farm World will be captivatingly relevant.
The children played captivatingly, including part of Vivaldi's Four Seasons and a work composed by one of their own, Stephen Deazley, called Tuba Train, complete with sound effects.
The Snow Queen is a captivatingly beautiful children's picturebook adapting the classic fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson.
There's something captivatingly familiar about Sally Hawkins on screen, which makes her ideal as everyone's favourite mum in Paddington.
Guest star Michael Pitt (above) delivers another captivatingly creepy performance in this penultimate episode.
Among the works in Ewa Juszkiewicz's exhibition "Pukle" (Curls), one stood out as even more captivatingly surreal than the others.
Deliciously seasoned with flamboyant flavors, captivatingly aromatic, and visually appealing, this unique torte is a first-rate holiday entree that delivers plenty of pizzazz.
Winner of "Best Specialist Gardening Book" from the Garden Media Guild, The Cutting Garden: Growing & Arranging Garden Flowers lives up to its title with methodical, easy-to-follow instructions, captivatingly illustrated with full-color photography throughout.