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Noun1.captive finance company - a finance company owned by a manufacturer to finance dealers' inventories or to make loans to consumers buying the company's products
finance company - a financial institution (often affiliated with a holding company or manufacturer) that makes loans to individuals or businesses
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NetSol Technologies Limited (NETSOL +3.31 per cent) announced signing of an agreement with a tier-one auto captive finance company to implement its NFS Ascent platform.
Fitch notes that HDFS' leverage is moderately lower than captive finance company peers.
However, Markey says, sometimes a captive finance company's cost of funds can be higher, which can make it more advantageous for borrowers to work directly with Wells Fargo.
Young joined the company in 2014 as chief operating officer, responsible for building out Yamaha's new captive finance company. In the company's first few years he has led its growth, launching several key business lines, a non-prime retail instalment program, a retail credit card business, and the current transition of the wholesale finance business to an in-house program launching in late 2018.
As a captive finance company, the primary business of CNH Industrial Capital LLC and its subsidiaries is to underwrite and manage financing products for end-use customers and dealers of CNH Industrial America LLC and CNH Industrial Canada Ltd.
We are very proud to be the first automotive-owned captive finance company to have made the commitment and investment in Islamic finance, forming a joint venture to be able to serve our customers, while respecting their culture and beliefs."
Mahindra Finance has transformed from being a captive finance company to becoming India's largest non-banking finance company in the rural and semi-rural areas.