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Police have appealed for witnesses and called on home owners to make sure their car keys and possessions are kept in a secure place.
The handbag contained money and the victim's husband's car keys.
magazine has listed Car Keys Express, a company that provides discount, on-site key replacement for businesses and consumers and has involvement in global technology for key manufacturing, in its annual Inc.
The soap star, 28, who plays Adam Barton, said that his car keys were stolen from inside his house.
Thanks to Gemalto security solutions, virtual car keys are securely sent to smartphones and stored with a high level of security that is comparable with current mobile payment solutions being deployed with banks around the world.
Charged after car keys stolen A MAN has been charged in connection with a spate of car key burglaries in Denbighshire and Conwy.
MASKED burglars forced their way into a Rainford home before demanding car keys and taking off in the family car.
BURGLARS tried to steal car keys from inside a home by pushing a metal rod through the letter box.
First, your car keys should always be kept in a safe place when you're at home.
A popular method among the criminal fraternity is to look into a house through the letterbox, if they can see a set of car keys they can then use a hook to retrieve them without even breaking into the house.
Seconds earlier suspects had forced entry to the house in Lightcliffe Road and stolen both sets of car keys.
POLICE are appealing for witnesses following three house burglaries in Gateshead where car keys and vehicles were also stolen.