car maker

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: maker - a business engaged in the manufacture of automobilescar maker - a business engaged in the manufacture of automobiles
manufacturer, manufacturing business, maker - a business engaged in manufacturing some product
automobile industry - the manufacturers of automobiles considered collectively
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Ford, a quintessential US brand and the country's second-biggest car maker, is one of four automotive giants to strike a voluntary deal with California on emissions rules, defying Trump's bid to strip the state of its right to fight climate change by setting its own standards.
Summary: Munich [Germany], June 29 (ANI): BMW, the luxury car maker is now offering you a chance to 3D print its Vision M Next concept car.
JAGUAR Land Rover owner Tata is reported to be exploring a number of options to revive the car maker's fortunes - including selling a stake in it.
Up to 3,800 jobs are at risk at 100 of the car maker's 324 franchise-run outlets, says a report.
The luxury car maker's major shareholders, Italian private equity firm Investindustrial and a group of Kuwaiti shareholders, are considering a stock market flotation or a trade sale, according to a report in the Sunday Times.
RS Kalsi, Executive Director, Marketing & Sales at Maruti Suzuki said, " With driver airbag being offered from the base variant upward as an option for the Alto, a number of car customers in India will feel reassured as we enhance safety much ahead of the regulations." Another Japanese car maker Honda Cars India also announced dual airbags as standard for all grades in its City hatchback in addition to ABS.
LUXURY car maker Jaguar has netted a blue riband fixture in the British sporting calendar as official car supplier to Wimbledon.
While Tata recorded sales of 566,695 units for 2013-14, Korean car maker Hyundai saw a decline of 0.9 per cent to 380,253 units.
US car maker Ford said it will interrupt production at its Craiova Romania plant for seven days in September, due to disappointing car sales in Europe.Around 2,500 people working in the car and engine divisions will go into technical unemployment for one week and receive 80 percent of their wages, according to Mediafax newswire."Ford Romania will continue to align its production to the market demand, and due to the flexibility of our work systems, we can react in real time to market changes, including through an increase in production," said the car maker in a statement.
The report states that the largest car maker Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) is investing Rs 1,700 crore to increase capacity by 250,000 units.
Volkswagen of Germany, the world's number three car maker, sold a record 9.1m vehicles around the world.