car pool

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n. also car pool
1. An arrangement whereby several participants or their children travel together in one vehicle, the participants sharing the costs and often taking turns as the driver.
2. A group, as of commuters or parents, participating in a carpool.
v. also car-pool car·pooled, car·pool·ing, car·pools
To travel in a carpool.
To transport by means of a carpool: carpool the children to school.

car′pool′er n.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: pool - a small group of car drivers who arrange to take turns driving while the others are passengerscar pool - a small group of car drivers who arrange to take turns driving while the others are passengers
band, circle, lot, set - an unofficial association of people or groups; "the smart set goes there"; "they were an angry lot"
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This is especially true of Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko who spent 114,000 euros to renew his municipality's car pool. Of this amount, he spent 66,700 euros on his Audi A6 alone.
'If their objective is to have carpooling, then they can create a car pool lane.
If you choose to join the car pool, the cars will leave at 9.30am.
Uber on Wednesday maneuvered to become part of people's daily commutes with the addition of an Express car pool to its ride-share options.
Many people having only one car either with odd or even number may have to either travel by public transport or use car pool or have to postpone the travel.
Travel Business Review-December 7, 2015--Uber launches car pool service in London
BRIAN EASTON and car pool team-mates Michael O'Halloran, John Sutton and Chris Millar pulled on the Flintstones gear for St Johnstone's fancy-dress Xmas bash in Newcastle.
"I car pool with Ronan Finn and he was saying the same, it's going to be a special occasion.
Consumers postponed the purchase of a new car which in turn led to a much older car pool in Ireland.
Visit for up-to-date information on car pool locations and ride destination.
It seems that the need for renewal of the car pool appeared in the Fund too and in the first half of 2013, slightly less than 51,000 euro was spent for procurement of new automobiles.