car transporter

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: transporter - a long truck for carrying motor vehiclescar transporter - a long truck for carrying motor vehicles
motortruck, truck - an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling
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This was the dramatic scene on the M62 motorway this morning when a car transporter burst into flames.
But as he's saying that, we pass a Romanianregistered car transporter and the driver has his mobile clamped to his left ear.
Their flat-bed car transporter truck was picked up in Falmouth Street in Middlesbrough just before 4.
A MAJOR Cardiff road was shut yesterday after a cyclist was injured during a collision with a car transporter lorry.
A CAR transporter driver is to stand trial next year over the death of a Stratford mum who is said to have been killed while saving the life of one of her young daughters.
Aqaba, Oct 22 (Petra) -- The world's largest car transporter, Hoegh Target docked at the Port of Aqaba Friday with 8,500 cars on board, 650 of which will be unloaded in the port.
ONLY last week the Birmingham Mail reported how workers painted yellow lines around a parked car transporter.
Tragic Rachael Martin, 29, was walking her two daughters to school when one of the girls shot out in front of a reversing car transporter.
45am to reports that a car transporter lorry had collided with pedestrians.
I was in my car on the Tyne Bridge and in the blind spot for the driver of a car transporter who didn't see me and literally ran over the top of me.
Millions of pounds-worth of plant machinery destined for the Middle East was aboard a car transporter which ran aground shortly after leaving its UK port on Saturday (January 3).
Images of vehicles - including a fully-laden car transporter - driving at full speed into surface water were posted online.