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n.1.(Mil.) A carbine.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A burst of voices had shouted simultaneously, "La Longue Carabine!" causing the opposite woods to re-echo with a name which, Heyward well remembered, had been given by his enemies to a celebrated hunter and scout of the English camp, and who, he now learned for the first time, had been his late companion.
"La Longue Carabine! La Longue Carabine!" passed from mouth to mouth, until the whole band appeared to be collected around a trophy which would seem to announce the death of its formidable owner.
One fierce and wild- looking warrior approached the chief, bearing a load of the brush, and pointing exultingly to the deep red stains with which it was sprinkled, uttered his joy in Indian yells, whose meaning Heyward was only enabled to comprehend by the frequent repetition of the name "La Longue Carabine!" When his triumph had ceased, he cast the brush on the slight heap Duncan had made before the entrance of the second cavern, and closed the view.
Each man laid aside the light fowling-piece, which, under the name of a carabine, he carried in virtue of his rank; and divesting himself of every article of exterior or heavy clothing, he stood resembling a dark and fierce looking statue, in the attitude, and nearly in the garb, of nature.
He will not call to the strangers, that they may rise and speak to him with their carabines. He will whisper softly in their ears.
Love from Reece xxx CARABINE SHARON Thank you for everything you do for us all.
Ruppel then moves to Under Western Eyes, where, using Keith Carabine's study of the novel to establish its dialogism and the inconsistency of the narrator, Ruppel argues that the narrator of the novel may be read as a closet homosexual.
A Due to injuries, Bolt play inside-right and the centre-forward was Thirds full-back Jimmy Carabine who did, indeed, hit three in a 4-2 extra-time win.
Chafik Bouaoud (carabine a 10 m air comprime) et Fouad Abid (tir aux plateaux) sont sacres champion d'Afrique dans leurs epreuves respectives lors des championnats d'Afrique du Caire.
xxx CARABINE PAUL Good memories of a dear friend, will be sadly missed.