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also car·a·bi·nier  (kăr′ə-bə-nîr′) or car·bi·neer (kär′bə-)
A soldier armed with a carbine.

[French carabinier, from carabine, carbine; see carbine.]


(ˌkærəbɪˈnɪə) or


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) variant forms of carbineer


(ˌkɑr bəˈnɪər)

also carabineer

a soldier armed with a carbine.
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Noun1.carabineer - a soldier (historically a mounted soldier) who is armed with a carbine
rifleman - a soldier whose weapon is a rifle
References in classic literature ?
Kutuzov accompanied by his adjutants rode at a walking pace behind the carabineers.
Now, for instance, in the next half hour, we may come any moment on three carabineers who would let off their pieces without asking questions.
Pinocchio saw the Carabineer from afar and tried his best to escape between the legs of the big fellow, but without success.
The Carabineer grabbed him by the nose (it was an extremely long one and seemed made on purpose for that very thing) and returned him to Mastro Geppetto.
They said so much that, finally, the Carabineer ended matters by setting Pinocchio at liberty and dragging Geppetto to prison.
learn to read and write, my lad," said Genestas; "come and enlist in my regiment, have a horse to ride, and turn carabineer.
Carabineers work great because if everything you have isn't hooked to you, you'll walk off without something, guaranteed.
It takes great planning, physical endurance, and practice to properly use the harnesses, crampons, and carabineers to attempt even the lowest risk climb.
Ripping Gloves (PETZEL), Rubber sheets for Rope Protector 2x2, Rubber Sheets for Rope Protector 2 x1, Backup (self blay), Equipment (Rope) carry bags, Sling Ascender, Carabineers Screw type, Jammer Acender L+R.
Features include thermoplastic housing for durability; nickel-plated swiveling top ring for 360-degree rotation; and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel carabineers.
These bags, which are distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies through The Travel Club, have three main antitheft features: wire mesh construction to prevent the material from being slashed; cutproof straps; and locking zippers and carabineers.