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 (kăr′ə-bĭn-yâr′ē, kä′rä-bē-nyĕ′rĕ)
n. pl. ca·ra·bi·nie·ri (-bĭn-yâr′ē, -bē-nyĕ′rē)
A member of the Italian police force, which enforces the law and maintains order in policing both civilian and military affairs.

[Italian, from French carabinier; see carabineer.]
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n, pl -ri (-ri)
(Law) an Italian national policeman
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(ˌkɑ rɑ biˈnyɛ rɛ)

n., pl. -nie•ri (-ˈnyɛ ri)
a member of the Italian police force.
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"Hoping that the killer of our poor Carabiniere never gets out of prison, I remind do-gooders that in the United States, whoever kills risks the death penalty," tweeted Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who is also in charge of state police, another national Italian police corps.
Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini tweeted: "Hoping the assassin of our Carabiniere never leaves prison again, I remind do-gooders that who kills in the US risks the death penalty.
According to internet sources, Checco will be joined by a carabiniere (a paramilitary person), who becomes his friend and companion on every journey.
Ambassador Salzano said Margottini's current visit, along with the former visits of the 'sisters' frigates 'Carabiniere' and 'Martinengo', confirms the solid commitment of the Italian Navy to continue cooperation with the Qatari Navy.
"This new visit of the 'Margottini' -- along with the former visits of the 'sister' frigates 'Carabiniere' and 'Martinengo' -- confirms the solid commitment of the Italian navy to continue to co-operate with the Qatari navy and shows how close and dynamic our partnership is," Salzano told reporters at a press conference held on board the frigate at Doha Port yesterday.
20, 2008), (statement by Carrado Catesi - Carabiniere TPC); Carabinier, Mena Furti DArte ma Piu Falsi sul Mercato.
"It was an extraordinary engineering feat - for nearly eight months, they were descending into the cistern every day, swimming through freezing water, climbing up a rope to a small platform and working to cut through 30ft of solid rock and coming out exactly where they planned on top of the ridge pole of the Carabiniere barracks.
Ferrari said it was the perfect time for the arrival of the frigate, 10 months after the visit of the FREMM frigate Carabiniere in the Kingdom in May 2017.
The shots fired by that carabiniere were also in response to a clear aggression on part of the young demonstrator--and while the force employed was deemed subsequently excessive, the event is debated to this day, while the interruption in the Scuola Diaz and the savage beating of the young, sleeping demonstrators has gone down as one of the more embarrassing pages of contemporary Italian history.
Summary: Naval vessel named Carabiniere to be in the capital until May 12 before moving out to Eritrea
Mr Cappelletti was in Bahrain as part of a navy tour with the Italian naval frigate ITS Carabiniere.
La Bambina intanto riprende coscienza, con l'aiuto di Sanna cerca di ricostruire i fatti, si rende conto di avere in mano un'indagine su fondi usati dai servizi segreti, manda in un ufficio due pregiudicati a recuperare una valigetta di documenti; i due pregiudicati vi trovano un sedicente carabiniere, il cui interrogatorio finisce nel peggiore dei modi.