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 (kăr′ə-bĭn-yâr′ē, kä′rä-bē-nyĕ′rĕ)
n. pl. ca·ra·bi·nie·ri (-bĭn-yâr′ē, -bē-nyĕ′rē)
A member of the Italian police force, which enforces the law and maintains order in policing both civilian and military affairs.

[Italian, from French carabinier; see carabineer.]


n, pl -ri (-ri)
(Law) an Italian national policeman


(ˌkɑ rɑ biˈnyɛ rɛ)

n., pl. -nie•ri (-ˈnyɛ ri)
a member of the Italian police force.
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Gaetano Maruccia, Chief of staff of the Italian General Command of the Carabinieri.
The killings in Cisterna di Latina, about 70 kilometers south-east of Rome, were confirmed by local Carabinieri police commander Gabriele Vitagliano, the SkyTG24 news reported.
The Carabinieri commander of Macerata, Col Michele Roberti, told Sky TG24 on Sunday that the suspect, Luca Traini, demonstrated no remorse for the two-hour shooting spree on Saturday that wounded five men and one woman, all African migrants.
Silvio Berlusconi has suggested a Carabinieri (military police) general could be Italy's next prime minister if his centre-right bloc wins national elections slated for early 2018.
As Carabinieri police arrived at the home the pitbulls were still so aggressive that they had to be shot dead.
Auto Business News-May 9, 2016--Alfa Romeo delivers two Giulia Quadrifoglios to Italian Carabinieri
Coppola explained to the Kuwaiti envoy the work nature of the Carabinieri that takes on its shoulders to police both military and civilian populations.
Under the agreement, Italy will provide specialised personnel (civilian experts and Carabinieri for the Protection of Cultural Heritage) and private citizens with recognised expertise in the sector, with the task to assess the risks and quantify the damage to the cultural heritage, adopt urgent measures, provide training courses for local staff, support the transport of movable objects to safe shelters and strengthen the fight against looting and illegal trafficking in cultural assets.
Automobili Italia Spa (MMAI), has just announced the delivery of 23 i-MiEV electric cars to the Carabinieri as Italy's military police forces intends to carry on with their duties - well recognized and appreciated throughout the country for over 200 years now - in a sustainable manner.
A description of the French Gendarmerie, Italian Carabinieri, and Spanish Guardia Nationale identifies national police forces that can be mobilized with cohesion and deployed as para-military formations to provide law enforcement and training.
Every visit to the psychiatrist's office reveals more of Roberto's mind, from the days he and his father used to spend surfing to the years he spent working as an undercover carabinieri.
GUN ATTACK: A Carabinieri lies injured after being shot outside Chigi Premier's office in Rome