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A wildcat (Caracal caracal) of Africa and southwestern Asia having short fawn-colored fur and long tufted ears.

[French, from Ottoman Turkish qaraqūlāq : qara, black (akin to Old Turkic qarā; probably akin to Mongolian qara, and perhaps to Japanese kuro-) + qūlāq, ear (akin to Old Turkic qulqaq, qulxaq; perhaps akin to Mongolian qulki, earwax).]


1. (Animals) Also called: desert lynx a lynxlike feline mammal, Lynx caracal, inhabiting deserts of N Africa and S Asia, having long legs, a smooth coat of reddish fur, and black-tufted ears
2. (Textiles) the fur of this animal
[C18: from French, from Turkish kara kūlāk, literally: black ear]


(ˈkær əˌkæl)

1. a wildcat, Felis (Lynx) caracal, of S Asia and Africa, with a reddish brown coat and tufted ears.
2. the fur of this animal.
[1750–60; < French]
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Noun1.caracal - of deserts of northern Africa and southern Asiacaracal - of deserts of northern Africa and southern Asia
catamount, lynx - short-tailed wildcats with usually tufted ears; valued for their fur
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