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 (kăr′ə-kăr′ə, -kə-rä′)
Any of several large carrion-eating or predatory birds in the family Falconidae, native to South and Central America and the southern United States.

[Spanish and Portuguese caracará, both from Tupí caracara.]
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(Animals) any of various large carrion-eating diurnal birds of prey of the genera Caracara, Polyborus, etc, of S North, Central, and South America, having long legs and naked faces: family Falconidae (falcons)
[C19: from Spanish or Portuguese, from Tupi; of imitative origin]
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(ˌkɑr əˈkɑr ə, ˌkær əˈkær ə)

n., pl. -ras.
any of several large birds of prey of the falcon family, inhabiting tropical and subtropical regions of the New World.
[1830–40; < Sp or Portuguese < Tupi]
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Noun1.caracara - any of various long-legged carrion-eating hawks of South America and Central Americacaracara - any of various long-legged carrion-eating hawks of South America and Central America
falcon - diurnal birds of prey having long pointed powerful wings adapted for swift flight
Audubon's caracara, Polyborus cheriway audubonii - widespread from southern United States to Central America; rusty black with black-and-white breast and tail
carancha, Polyborus plancus - South American caracara
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In this list may be included four species of the Caracara or Polyborus, the Turkey buzzard, the Gallinazo, and the Condor.
He currently serves as the CFO of Caracara Silver Inc, DelphX Capital Markets Inc and CO2 GRO Inc.
Bactris gasipaes fruits consumption by Caracara plancus in the Municipality of Brasileia, southwestern Amazon, Brazil
Rhabdomyosarcoma has been described in the extraocular muscles in a budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus) and peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus cassini), (12,13) in the cutaneous muscles with metastasis to the brain in a white leghorn chicken, (14) and in the pectoral and proximal wing muscles of a European robin (Erithacus rubecula) and a yellow-headed caracara (Milvago chimachima).
However, in some species, such as the caracara (Carneara plancus), it is found in the palpebral rim of the nasal corner, moving in a nasotemporal direction (BALDOTTO, 2012).
(MMA, 2002), o governo brasileiro criou a Reserva Biologica do Caracara, em 1971, e, devido ao seu potencial turistico, a transformaram em Parque Nacional do Pantanal Mato Grossense (PARNA--135.000 hectares) em 1981, e em 1994, 4 novas areas protegidas se estabeleceram no entorno do Parque, todas RPPNs--Acurizal (13.200 hectares), Penha (13.100 hectares), Doroche (26.518 hectares), e Rumo Oeste (990 hectares); em 2008 duas outras areas se somaram ao "esforco de conservacao" da regiao--a RPPN Engenheiro Eliezer Batista (14.000 hectares)--e a fazenda Santa Tereza (60.000 hectares), que possui restricoes de acesso as areas alagadas (Figura 5).
Osteologia craniana comparada de Caracara cheriway (Jacquin, 1784) e Caracara plancus (Miller, 1777) (AVES: FALCONIDAE).
* CRESTED CARACARA A striking-looking falcon that mainly eats carrion, this bird also is in trouble, since it nests in pine flatwoods that are disappearing.
columbarius, crested caracara Caracara cheriway, pearly-eyed thrasher Margarops fuscatus bonairensis, troupial Icterus icterus, tropical mockingbird Mimus gilvus, and brown-throated parakeet Aratinga per-tinax xanthogenia.
Oct.29.) QUESADILLA DE HUEVOS AT CARACARA MEXICAN GRILL A flour tortilla filled with scrambled egg, bacon, corn, Chihuahua cheese, red bell pepper, onion and jalapeno is a local favorite.
2.5 km cada una) y se colectaron egagropilas de aves rapaces diurnas (Caracara plancus).