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 (kăr′ə-mə-līz′, kär′mə-)
v. car·a·mel·ized, car·a·mel·iz·ing, car·a·mel·iz·es
To be converted into a brown syrup: Sugar caramelizes when heated.
To cook (food), often with sugar, until a brown syrup is formed: caramelized the onions.

car′a·mel·i·za′tion (-mə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˌkærəməlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


the conversion of sugar into caramel, caused by heating
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The process of making a caramel is called caramelization in which the sugar is slowly heated at 170 AC.
These strange and surprising flavors are on the plate through anchovy garum, Jerez and shallot prepared with Japanese black garlic through long and slow caramelization. The edible weeds, with their unconventional and slightly aggressive flavors bring estrangement, besides being a coherent choice to the rest.
Also, in prepping for grilling, he recommends making sure the fish is dry as "moisture is the enemy of caramelization." Then, add a small amount of oil to the fish before cooking in the direct zone.
There was a significant char on the outside creating an even smokier caramelization. With a heavy BBQ sauce glaze, there was plenty of moisture and tangy sweetness.
Pair roast beef or steak with robust red wines to complement the "caramelization" of the meat.
Continue to saute for a few moments more, until there is a good bit of charring on the peppers and caramelization on the kumquats.
So, the "hype" of heavy or heavy-plus toast --which results in an abundance of char and caramelization in the wood--is long gone, according to Celaya and Van Emst.
When frying turon, she advised listeners to sprinkle the sugar while the pieces cooked, and not before wrapping the banana, for better caramelization. 'If you want to do it the Cordon Bleu way,' she joked, to much laughter, 'you do this'-sprinkling the sugar from a height, with a flourish-'and charge another 15 euros.'
Curtis Stone, owner of Hollywood butcher shop Gwen told, "If you have a Big Green Egg or good kettle grill, something that cooks slow and low with lots of smoke, a brisket is a beautiful thing," adding for even caramelization, "consider steaks sous vide first to keep the temperature even, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The process of obtaining guava pulp consisted in fruit selection and grinding and enzymatic inactivation (90[degrees]C for 6 minutes); and for obtaining of guava paste, sugar, pectin and citric acid were added to guava pulp, with applications of different temperatures: 70[degrees]C for 35 minutes in the mixer; 70-75[degrees]C for 35 minutes for concentration; caramelization at 100[degrees]C for 15 minutes; and 80[degrees]C for 15 minutes in two subsequent concentration steps until reaching total soluble solids content around 70-75[degrees]Brix.