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Covered with caramelized sugar and sold on sticks are bananacue and camotecue.
This single origin medium roast presents sweet flavours of orange and caramelized sugar.
Expect aromas of dark stone fruit, mellow pipe tobacco, oak, and rich alcohol, followed by flavors of caramelized sugar, plums, figs, and unrefined cane syrup.
A sure scene stealer is the mango pandan meal ender, composed of Cebu mango cubes and pandan-flavored Jell-O floating in a fruity, creamy, and cold soup crowned with a burst of spun caramelized sugar like sunrays.
Quickly add caramelized sugar to pudding mixture stirring until smooth (mixture will be lumpy at first).
In Belgium, the Brussels waffle is light and fluffy and dusted with powdered sugar, while in Liege they're heavier and sweeter, with caramelized sugar.
An earthy, black-fruited split between Syrah and Cab, edged with pepper, espresso, violets, and caramelized sugar.
Williamson has developed an acid-proof, Caramelized Sugar Flavour in response to consumer demand for natural products and processor demand for clean labelling.
When asked his secret, master confectioner Pavel Juraska spins off with precision its mix of "quality vanilla ice-cream with caramel sauce, which is 35-percent cream mixed with caramelized sugar, topped up with ground grilled almonds and decorated with whipped cream.
Note: Molasses and caramelized sugar create chewy cookies, while oat flour keeps them moist longer.
Her breathtaking sweet creations are motivated by architecture and flights of fancy, such as her caramelized sugar seesaw balancing sorbet and creme fraiche.