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(ˈkærəˌvænə) or


Brit someone who uses a caravan
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or car•a•van•er

(ˈkær əˌvæn ər)

1. a person who travels or lives in a caravan.
2. Chiefly Brit. a person using a house trailer.
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33 PREVENGE (2016) Shot in and around Cardiff, comic actress Alice Lowe's dark pre-natal horror - a pregnant woman becomes convinced her unborn child is commanding her to kill - walks the same queasily funny tightrope as her other best-known role as a murderous caravaner in Ben Wheatley's Sightseers.
A former caravaner and his family -Maximiliano Mamani Mamani, his wife (warmi) Raimunda Mamani Amaro, Simon Moscoso Challapa and his warmi Eduarda Castro Challapa, originally from Llica in the highlands of Bolivia, met us at the hauntingly beautiful Cerros Pintados, an ancient caravan nexus dating back to AD 1000 (Briones et al.
The route repeated a caravan journey taken by the same caravaners from Llica to the Pacific Ocean in 2000, accompanied at that time by several researchers who also attended the workshop (Persis Clarkson, Luis Briones, and Lautaro Nunez).
Broad analogies emerged based on what we know of the lifeways of modern/historic nomads, pastoralists, and caravaners and caravans, compared with the archaeologies of nomads, pastoralists, and caravaners and caravans (Forster and Riemer 2013; Khazanov 1994).
Keen caravaner Mr Kavanagh, of BayClose, Oakes, said he had a couple of holidays booked for his retirement and would be spending time tending to his garden.
POLICE want to trace a caravaner involved in a road-rage incident on the A444.
Police say the caravaner got out of his car and made threats to the BMW driver.
No good caravaner will hold traffic up unnecessarily and when safe for someone to overtake them will always keep well in to the kerbside.
One caravaner at the site said: "The thunder and lightening woke us up before midnight.
Clr Firth is a keen caravaner. His interests include brass bands, Formula 1 motor sport, vintage tractors and spending time with his children and grandchildren.