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The univalent organic group NH2CO-.

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The OTC gene is encoded on the X chromosome and is expressed in the mitochondrial matrix of the small intestine and liver, where it catalyzes the synthesis of citrulline from carbamoyl phosphate and ornithine (2).
Transformation of paralytic shellfish toxins occurs after consumption of dinoflagellates by bivalve species, and research suggests that the bivalves usually have lower proportions of N-sulfocarbomyl toxins and higher proportions of carbamoyl toxins than the toxigenic dinoflagellates that were ingested (Oshima et al.
group for a carbamoyl group substitution in the polar tail.
The formation of hard domains was tightly related to the hydrogen bonding between carbamoyl group and carbony group of hard segment, the dipole-dipole interaction between carbonyl groups of hard segments and the induced dipole-dipole interaction between aromatic rings of hard segment [5, 12].
Many synthetic organic compounds containing carbamoyl function are known to be biologically active and found to have medicinal [4] and agricultural [5] applications.
Carbamate-pesticides, oxamyl (methyl-2 (dimethylamine)-N-(methylamino) carbonyl) oxy) 2-oxoethanimidothioate (I) S-Ethyl-N-[(methyl carbamoyl oxy)]thioacetimidate (II) and N-Phenyl-(ethyl carbamoyl) propylcarbamate (III) are non-ionic pesticides and found suitable for effective control of nematodes and herbs.