carbenium ion

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car·be·ni·um ion

An organic cation, such as H3C+, having one less electron than a corresponding free radical and having a positive charge localized on the carbon atom.

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Meanwhile, the carbenium ion can also present the reaction of rearrangement due to instability, leading to the formation of different unsaturated bonds (--CH=CH and >C=[CH.
Not only failed to inhibit the radical poly-merization but also induced the formation of carbenium ion in the EB dispersion, which resulted in the increase of branched degree and trans-vinilenovoy (--CH=CH--).
This addition of monomer results in monomer being in between carbenium ion and its negative gegenion.
The propagation step involves H: shift and :CH3 group shift to form tertiary carbenium ion which is more stable and abundantly available during propagation.
The former is a vinyl polymerization and proceeds through carbenium ion formation while the latter is ring opening generating an active species known as an onium ion.
4] was the preparation of stable solutions of aryl carbenium ions such as the triphenyl carbenium ion [(C.
Akzo has established, from quantum chemical calculations, a rule for judging the charge distribution on carbenium ions - products of the metabolism of nitrosamines (figure 5).
Ron Childs, FCIC, has an international reputation for his studies of homoaromaticity and thermal and photochemical pericyclic reactions of carbenium ions.