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 (kär′bə-nôl′, -nŏl′, -nōl′)
1. See methanol.
2. An alcohol derived from methanol.
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(ˈkɑr bəˌnɔl, -ˌnɒl)

2. an alcohol derived from methyl alcohol.
[1860–70; < German Karbinol=Karbin methyl (Karbon- carbon + -in -in1) + -ol -ol1]
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ISLAMABAD -- Researchers from Harvard Medical School's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA, saw that the compound indole-3- carbinol (I3C) impeded tumour-growth in a mouse model of prostate cancer.
(Shanghai, China); Phenol (99%), anisole (98%), benzyl alcohol (99%), and benzoic acid (99%) were purchased from Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd.; Cyclohexanol (99%) and cyclohexyl carbinol (99%) were purchased from Aladdin Industrial Corp.
The HMBC (Heteronuclear multiple bond correlation) spectrum confirms the presence of 3-alkylpyridine and also showed the attachment of both the amino and the carbinol functions to the same methine group, hence the side chain is 2-hydroxymethylaminotrdecanyl group.
(E)-2-Hexenal (17.68%), Vinly amyl carbinol (18.60%) and Germacrene-D (8.25%) have been determined in lower elevation and (E)-2-Hexenal (16.87%), Vinly amyl carbinol (12.85%) and Germacrene-D (7.78%) in upper elevation for Phlomis pungens var.
The aim of this work is to investigate the degradation of the Malachite Green dye (MG), carbinol base, under visible light irradiation, using a simulated sunlight source, in an attempt to correlate the photocatalytic activity of titanium oxide modified with different amounts of [Bi.sub.2][O.sub.3] with their physicochemical properties in particular; the band gap energy, the microstructure, and the electron-hole recombination rate.
Kerosene oil was used as collector and methyl iso-butyl carbinol (MIBC) was used as frother.
The inorganic functionality (typically methoxy or ethoxy) reacts with any hydroxyl group (water, metal hydroxide, carbinol).
The proton of hydroxyl group in the proposed structure was not identified by [sup.1]H NMR, but the carbinol moiety was inferred from the chemical shifts on [sup.13]C NMR data.
At present, sewage treatment plants generally use a liquid carbon source for denitrification, such as carbinol, acetic acid, or amylaceum, although some shortcomings exist with this method.
Acetone, chloroform, and carbinol were used to dissolve the petroleum ether fraction, dichloromethane fraction, and acetic ether fraction, respectively.
To confirm additional changes in biotype attributes in the variant Kolkata isolates during 2003-2014, we used the Voges-Proskauer test to determine production of acetylmethyl carbinol and found that the tested strains produced acetoin and were positive for chicken erythrocytes agglutination.