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n. pl. car·bos Informal
A carbohydrate.


(ˈkɑr boʊ)

n., pl. -bos.
1. carbohydrate.
2. a food having a high carbohydrate content.
[1960–65; by shortening; compare -o]


a combining form used in the names of chemical compounds containing carbon: carbohydrate.
Esp. before a vowel, carb-.
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Oil & gas services company CARBO Ceramics Inc (NYSE:CRR) disclosed on Thursday its operating loss of USD17.
CARBO ceramic casting media is engineered, developed and manufactured to rigorous standards of quality and strength that are unattainable with sand or other naturally occurring minerals.
20 March 2017 - New Hampshire, US-based refined petroleum products and natural gas midstream and sales company Sprague Resources LP's (NYSE: SRLP) Sprague Operating Resources LLC operating subsidiary has signed a definitive agreement to purchase the Lawrence and Inwood, New York refined product terminal assets of Carbo Industries, Inc.
Working with leading operators such as CONSOL Energy who make it possible to introduce such technologies affirms the investment CARBO is making in technologies that improve reservoir recovery and F&D costs.
My chance to get even with Bernie Carbo and Bill Lee is gone, and probably forever.
Carbo Ceramics expects ceramic proppant sales to take a hit as drillers try new techniques that require sand proppants.
At approximately $143 per share, Carbo Ceramics is up 23 per cent this year and trading in line with the average target price among analysts tracked by Reuters, a sign that they see they stock as fully valued.
In the Executive Office, James Carbo has joined APHA as the organization's new chief of staff.
His boss, Prosecutor General Alejandra Gils Carbo, denied his request, saying the US House hearing did not have any relationship to his position and therefore could not be paid out of government funds.
El escritor Jose Sanchez Carbo escribe cuentos dentro de una poetica que el mismo ha nombrado "patetica".
Carbo Ceramics Incorporated, a supplier of ceramic proppant for fracturing oil and gas wells and a supplier of resin-coated sand proppant; the provider of fracture simulation software; and a provider of fracture design and consulting services, has started construction on a ceramic manufacturing plant in Millen, Georgia, according to Gary Kolstad, president and chief executive officer.
com)-- FutureCarbon has developed a new variant of its Carbo e-Therm electrically heated coating - Carbo e-Therm UHT can be heated by low voltage to temperatures as high as 500[degrees]C.