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intr.v. car·bo-load·ed, car·bo-load·ing, car·bo-loads Informal
To engage in carbohydrate loading.
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Whether you like to pack light or carbo-load, there's a container that will give your lunch the respect it so richly deserves.
Kapag heavy training, I carbo-load. Pero kapag kailangan maganda ang katawan, high protein and low carb," he said.
We get pasta with a side of pizza and really carbo-load."
Need to carbo-load before a big hike, or just want a romantic night out without the kids?
Approximately two-three days prior to the race, 48% of respondents deliberately intended to carbo-load. There was no significant interaction between males and females with regard to carbo-loading habits ([chi square] (1) = 0.437; p = 0.509).
Hydrate properly, then carbo-load before a workout, exercise or marathon.
You can't fully carbo-load your muscles if you are dieting and restricting your calories.
Is the Pasta Party or pre-race Carbo-load fading out?
Marathon runners who 'carbo-load' consume large quantities of refined and complex carbohydrates before major events--are exquisitely sensitive to insulin, as they have a low percentage body fat and are in top physical condition.