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intr.v. car·bo-load·ed, car·bo-load·ing, car·bo-loads Informal
To engage in carbohydrate loading.
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Informal. the practice of eating large amounts of carbohydrates for a few days before competing in a strenuous athletic event, as a marathon, to provide energy reserves in the form of glycogen.
car′bo-load`, v.i.
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Mayor Junard 'Ahong' Chan welcomed on Friday evening the 2,300 triathlon enthusiasts from 57 countries who will battle in three courses - swimming, biking, and running around the tourist island of Mactan - during the carbo-loading event in Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa in Punta Engano village here, to mark the start of the Regent Aguila Ironman 70.3.
He explains, 'Some people do carbo-loading the night before.
The aim of this study was to determine amateur cyclists': 1) nutritional sports supplement knowledge and use, 2) carbo-loading and usage, and 3) hydration practices before, during and after an endurance event.
Although he says he has just been carbo-loading, he has done plenty of that.
Ever wonder about the science behind an athlete's carbo-loading before a big race?
The dining area is large, communal, and festive--featuring a wide array of food in the various buffets that are coded so that one can easily choose to be vegan, macrobiotic, paleo, gluten-free, low-carb or carbo-loading. There's a sports dietician on staff to help negotiate the choices.
Carbo-loading amid expressions of heartfelt affection, and more pie, please!
A new pair of trainers could leave you with unwanted blisters during the run, a new wet suit with uncomfortable 'burns' on your neck and other sensitive bodily parts and a new tri-top with chafing.I'm sure you have had plenty of advice about what nutrition is needed, whether it is carbo-loading gels, bananas or power bars.
I used to do some carbo-loading in my 'marathoning' days, but happily there is no special diet required for five kilometres.
While protein is important for weight loss, eliminating other food groups (like carbs) for the sake of eating more protein could be setting you up for a carbo-loading binge later.
After carbo-loading on pancakes we surprised ourselves by winning the first heat, giving us a much needed confidence boost.
Babcock took his team out for the automotive equivalent of carbo-loading the night before, with a special dinner and pep talk at the Original Roadhouse Grill in Springfield.