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Being or served with a sauce of eggs, minced bacon or ham, grated cheese, and seasonings: spaghetti carbonara.
Carbonara sauce.

[Italian (alla) carbonara, (from) a charcoal grill, from carbone, charcoal, from Latin carbō, carbōn-; see carbon.]


a sauce, containing cream, bacon, cheese and egg, that is usually served with pasta


(ˌkɑr bəˈnɑr ə)

served with a sauce of beaten eggs, grated cheese, and chopped bacon: spaghetti carbonara.
[1960–65; < dial. Italian (alla) carbonara literally, in the manner of the charcoal pit]
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Noun1.carbonara - sauce for pasta; contains eggs and bacon or ham and grated cheese
pasta sauce, spaghetti sauce - any of numerous sauces for spaghetti or other kinds of pasta
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The burger group has become recognised for its outrageous specials, including the Spam Allardyce (hickory smoked Spam with fried egg and crispy belly pork), the Carbonara burger (panko-fried spaghetti carbonara on a beef patty), and the Manc My Schnitz Up (deep fried pulled pork patty, chicken schnitzel, deep fried mac and cheese).
For mains we ordered the steak and the carbonara. The steak was served medium and was perfectly cooked and incredibly succulent.
Now staff at Derbyshire Live have put the claims to the test purchasing the sauce in question as well as a carbonara sauce, to see if her accusations held up.
Across the field Marmion coach Angelo Carbonara thought about Griffin.
So this week I'm giving you a delicious asparagus recipe - a superb classic Italian pasta dish, carbonara, with a bit of a twist - that twist being the addition of asparagus and peas which bring a light spring-like feel to the dish.
Some of the nicest protein meals we've come across, in super-tempting flavours, like Chicken & Bacon Carbonara and Salmon in a Watercress Sauce.
The signature rotolo bolognese, a round pasta baked with beef sauce and grounded pork, is the dish you won't find anywhere else in town, while the fettuccine truffle carbonara is rich in cheese giving the creamy taste.
17, the FDA identified the unregistered products as Bonito Soup Stock, Meito Vitamin C Nodoame Mix Fruits 1000mg, Daiso Select Carbonara Sauce, Hammer on Pretzel Garlic Butter Taste, and Daiso Select Sukiyaki Sauce.
The Baked Spaghetti and Meatballs and the Baked Penne Carbonara had portions that were rather modest considering the price.
"We found that many of them weren't familiar with words like bolognese and carbonara, and they weren't really sure what that meant.