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Any of a class of stable crystalline compounds composed of carbon, boron, and hydrogen.

[Blend of carbon and borane.]
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Carborane has been found to be useful as a good inhibitor and has high lipophilicity properties which are useful for binding with the receptor binding site on the hydrophobic active site of the enzyme [42].
The ZBG would be substituted with boronic acid and carborane, part of the linker would be substituted with p-aminobenzoic acid compounds, and hydrophobic parts of cap would be substituted with organoboron compounds from the website of organoborons database ( Figure 1).
Most of the polymers containing carborane units in the main chains are prepared from m- and p-carborane monomers.
Carborane moieties are represented by the B--H stretching band at about 2570 [cm.sup.-1], which is different from that of [B.sub.10][H.sub.14] (doublet peak: 2535 and 2588 [cm.sup.-1]) or the probable intermediate [B.sub.10][H.sub.12] x 2[CH.sub.3]CN (2520 [cm.sup.-1]).
A carborane molecule is a cage of 10 boron atoms and two carbon atoms, and extra atoms can be attached to the cage.
For Paul Weiss of Pennsylvania State University in University Park and his colleagues, the "tablecloth" is a self-assembling layer of nanosized molecules called carboranes. The layer of carboranes changes the geometry and stability of the material beneath, the researchers report in the March issue of ACS Nano.
Although the chemistry of carboranes as anions has a relatively long (ca 40 years) history, the first actual carborane-based "weighable and measurable" superacids (i.e., conjugate acids of carborane anions) were synthesized and liberated by Reed and coworkers in 2000 [7-9].
In this communication we introduced into our agenda investigation of the basic features such as relative acidities and structures and stability of conjugate acids based on different carborane clusters smaller than 12-vertex [CB.sub.11][H.sub.12.sup.-] with the standard basis set at the 6-311+[G.sup.**] level.
HT-5 carborane and BPX50 phases are available for simulated distillation.
Oxiranes, acetals, esters, nitriles, amines, amides, nitro, ketone, carbamate, ether, isocyanate, phosphate, phosphonic dichloride, dialkoxy borane, sulfide, sulfone, or carborane groups can be present without reacting (2).
"Over the past decade, we have seen an increasing interest in using carboranes in drug design," said Mark W.
The thermal and oxidative properties of poly(siloxane)s are improved with carboranes. Inserting acetylene into the backbones of the poly(carborane-siloxane) polymer improves its ability to retain mass at very high temperatures by crosslinking.