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A trademark for an abrasive of silicon carbide crystals.


(Elements & Compounds) trademark
a. any of various abrasive materials, esp one consisting of silicon carbide
b. (as modifier): a Carborundum wheel.


(ˌkɑr bəˈrʌn dəm)
any of various abrasives of silicon carbide, fused alumina, and other materials.
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Noun1.carborundum - an abrasive composed of silicon carbide crystals
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
abradant, abrasive, abrasive material - a substance that abrades or wears down


[ˌkɑːbəˈrʌndəm] Ncarborundo m


® [ˌkɑːbəˈrʌndəm] ncarborundum m
References in classic literature ?
They are built of enormous blocks of carborundum, and the task of entering the city seemed, to my escort of green warriors, an impossibility.
The floor, ceiling and walls were of carborundum aluminum, a light, impenetrable composition extensively utilized in the construction of Martian fighting ships.
"As my father always used to say to me - Illegitimi non carborundum," Meghan ( wrote in a short tweet hours after President Donald Trump launched a fresh round of attacks on her father, who died in 2018 of brain cancer.
"I got out the service in 1966 and I got hired at Carborundum in October 1966.
In the R&G Trophies Division One, Newstreet doubled up on Carborundum 6-3 as Wheaty enjoyed a 2-0 away win and Penlake won 4-0 on their travels.
Scottish artist Craig Mulholland is exhibiting Illegitimi Non Carborundum featuring two sets of work, one the same as the exhibition title, the other Dust Never Settles, and they are described as "elaborating on his ongoing interrogation into the role of media and information technologies within postindustrial capitalism."
He held various sales and managerial positions for the former Norton Co., Carborundum Corp.
Printmaking is an extension of mark-making, thus he makes lino-prints, etchings and carborundum prints.
The RHINOVEYOR[TM] range of flexible screw conveyors is designed to convey with the most abrasive materials such as sintered metals, PFA, pumice, sand, aggregates, silica, cement and carborundum. Manufactured with a tough conveying tube, the unit extends the scope of these versatile conveyors into applications for abrasive materials.
Silicon carbide (SiC), also known as carborundum or moissanite, is a ceramic compound of silicon and carbon.
Beginning in 1978 as a division of The Carborundum Company, CARBO Ceramics has practiced those traits to become the leading supplier of ceramic media; first to the oil and gas industry and now, to the foundry industry as well.
IF you have a marble fireplace that has ugly chips or deep scratches, they can be repaired using a piece of carborundum stone, epoxy resin and vegetable dye from a builders' merchant.