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A salt or ester of an organic acid, derived from the carboxyl group. Soaps, which are usually the sodium or potassium salts of fatty acids, are carboxylates.
adj. (-lāt′, -lĭt)
1. Of or relating to a carboxylate.
2. Of or relating to the anionic conjugate base of a carboxylic acid, specifically the CO22- group
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(Elements & Compounds) any salt or ester of a carboxylic acid having a formula of the type M(RCOO)x, where M is a metal and R an organic group, or R1COOR2, where R1 and R2 are organic groups
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(kɑrˈbɒk səˌleɪt)

v.t. -at•ed, -at•ing.
to introduce the carboxyl group into (an organic compound).
car•box`yl•a′tion, n.
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Verb1.carboxylate - treat (a chemical compound) with carboxyl or carboxylic acid
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
process, treat - subject to a process or treatment, with the aim of readying for some purpose, improving, or remedying a condition; "process cheese"; "process hair"; "treat the water so it can be drunk"; "treat the lawn with chemicals" ; "treat an oil spill"
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Silicate-Amino Carboxylate Combo in Solid Detergent
0.5 g) is monitored at 40[degrees]C and 60[degrees] C for 72 h to determine the enhancement of water compatibility after grafting of poly(IPA) and the incorporation of ionic carboxylate group.
As they eat and digest food waste, the microorganisms in those tanks also spit out a chemical byproduct called carboxylate, which has numerous potential uses as a substitute for petroleum, or crude oil.
Among the reported structures, organic ligands with carboxylate play an important role in coordination chemistry and can adopt various binding modes such as monodentate, chelating one metal center, bridging two metal centers in a synsyn, syn-anti and anti-anti configuration, and bridging two metal centers in a tridentate form [10-11].
Lanxess's Additin Corrosion Inhibition (CI) product range includes calcium sulfonate, carboxylate, succinic acid, and phosphoric acid-based specialty products.
Mg1 is located at an inversion center of (-1/2, 0, 1/2) and surrounded by six carboxylate O atoms from six different BTB ligands with the Mg-O lengths ranging from 2.021(2) to 2.037(2) [Angstrom].
Review of the literature suggested that indole and indazole carboxylate SCRA might supersede indole and indazole carboxamides in the drug market (12).
where C (mmol/g) is the carboxylate content, [V.sub.2] (mL) is the added volume of the NaOH solution when the titration curves reached their peak point, [V.sub.1] (mL) is the volume of HCl added to the mixture, [C.sub.NaOH] (M) is the exact concentration of the NaOH solution, and m is the weight of the dried product (g).
The Zn-ACEI occurs through the central carboxylate group of lisinopril molecule [9].
These rubber compositions comprise a metal carboxylate. The metal carboxylate provides improved processability to the rubber compositions in the form of a reduced Mooney viscosity.
In the [sup.31]P{[sup.1]H} NMR spectra these complexes displayed a pair of triplets resonance signals, corresponding to two transpositioned phosphorus atoms and two phosphorus atoms transpositioned to oxygen atoms from carboxylate groups of the quinaldate and kynurenate anions, respectively.