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A large glass or plastic bottle, usually encased in a protective basket or crate and often used to hold corrosive liquids.

[Persian qarābah, from Arabic qarrāba, big jug, from qarraba, to bring near, derived stem of qaruba, to be near; see qrb in Semitic roots.]


a large glass or plastic bottle, usually protected by a basket or box, used for containing corrosive liquids such as acids
[C18: from Persian qarāba]


(ˈkɑr bɔɪ)

a large glass bottle encased in a basket or box, used esp. for holding corrosive liquids.
[1705–15; < Persian qarāba(h) < Arabic qarrābah big jug]
car′boyed, adj.
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Noun1.carboy - a large bottle for holding corrosive liquidscarboy - a large bottle for holding corrosive liquids; usually cushioned in a special container
bottle - a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped


[ˈkɑːbɔɪ] Ngarrafón m


nKorbflasche f
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My name is Kenge," he said; "you may remember it, my child; Kenge and Carboy, Lincoln's Inn.
I always received by return of post exactly the same answer in the same round hand, with the signature of Kenge and Carboy in another writing, which I supposed to be Mr.
A few of them then boarded her and were busily engaged in what appeared, from my distant position, as the emptying of the contents of various carboys upon the dead bodies of the sailors and over the decks and works of the vessel.
In the corners stood carboys of acid in wicker baskets.
Transfer to another carboy to help clarify the wine.
A private judge will access each claimants medical records and other information confirming that they were actually present at the WTC site before making a determination as to how much compensation that claimant should receive," Carboy said.
To determine whether the daily removal of snails is causing mortalities, snails were removed daily from a carboy without "milking " them, and after a few minutes they were returned into the water again.
Inside the Burbank shop and boutique, dozens of glass carboys sit on shelves, filled to the rim with deep dark red or soft golden juices.
Siphon the frothy juice into a clean five-gallon carboy - the type of container that usually holds bottled water.
Several gallons of store-bought sweet cider are poured into a glass carboy, sugar and yeast are added, and the mixture is allowed to ferment.
I lived in Chile for three years and we used to buy a carboy - this huge glass vase - for pounds 1.
Use a clean plastic hose to siphon the clearer liquid off the sediment into glass jugs or carboy.