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121), l'Espagnol a mis du temps pour trouver la bonne carburation.
Aujourd'hui a Marseille, la star portugaise ouvrira le bal des quarts face a l'avant-centre du Bayern Robert Lewandowski, qui peine encore a trouver la bonne carburation dans cet Euro (aucun but).
26] was to deviate from the test method and conduct the tests at stoichiometric air-fuel ratio to avoid the limitations imposed by the fixed jet carburation system.
This article results from the research project Carburation and Sulfidation of Fe-Cr-Mo Alloys in High-Temperature Hydrocarbon Environments.
2002) have carried out experiments on continuous carburation, continuous manifold injection, timed manifold injection and low pressure direct cylinder injection.
Le Borussia compte notamment dix points d'avance sur le Bayern Munich, mais le champion en titre, vainqueur de Fribourg (4-2) vendredi, commence a trouver la bonne carburation et va recuperer certains de ses titulaires blesses, dont Franck Ribery contre ME[micro]nchengladbach samedi prochain.
To help control the 95hp of powerful twin-cylinder engine, an entirely new engine control system has been adopted based on a combined alfa-n and speed-density strategy for carburation adjustment.