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 (kär′bə-rāt′, -rĕt′, -byə-)
tr.v. car·bu·ret·ed, car·bu·ret·ing, car·bu·rets or car·bu·ret·ted or car·bu·ret·ting
1. To combine or mix (a gas, for example) with volatile hydrocarbons, so as to increase available fuel energy.
2. To carburize.
A carbide: carburet of sulfur.

[From carburet, carbide, from French carbure, from Latin carbō, carbon; see carbon.]

car·bu·re′tion n.
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It's got fixed gear, a fixed-pitch prop, mechanical flaps and a small-bore carbureted engine.
The color is exclusive to Raider R150 carbureted models.
The motor collection includes both carbureted and fuel-injected engines along with a few hot-rod V-8s.
In aspirated (carbureted) engines, this is not a problem, but with injected engines this will promote premature stretching of injectors, which supports poor engine performance all around.
As for the sound as you accelerate, it was like mechanical music, a carbureted gurgle that ascended into an angry buzz as the revs picked up, though the car was surprisingly quiet at moderate speeds, a characteristic that seemed to elude most affordable cars at the time, and even today.
Equipped with such cutting-edge niceties as a carbureted engine, clear vision ventilation, a redesigned chromium-plated grill, an improved spring design, and swivel type sun visors, the base model cost $535 new off the dealer's lot.
You will need a jet kit if your bike is carbureted or a fuel controller (like Power Commander), if its EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) governed.
He initiated a retooling exercise, moving from carbureted cast-iron engines to all-alloy unit construction that allowed integration of multi-valve electronic fuel-injection systems.