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 (kär′bə-rā′tər, -byə-)
1. A device used in internal-combustion engines to produce an explosive mixture of vaporized fuel and air.
2. A small hole in the side of a bong or water pipe that is stopped with a finger and then quickly unstopped as a person is inhaling to force smoke out of the drawing end of the pipe.

[From carburet.]
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(ˈkɑr bəˌreɪ tər, -byə-)

a device for mixing vaporized fuel with air to produce a combustible or explosive mixture, as for an internal-combustion engine.
Also, esp. Brit.,car•bu•ret•tor, car•bu•ret•ter (ˈkɑr byəˌrɛt ər)
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Noun1.carburetor - mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosioncarburetor - mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion
air horn - air intake of a carburetor
air-intake - a duct that admits air to be mixed with fuel
butterfly valve - a valve in a carburetor that consists of a disc that turns and acts as a throttle
fuel system - equipment in a motor vehicle or aircraft that delivers fuel to the engine
mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
venturi - a tube with a constriction; used to control fluid flow (as in the air inlet of a carburetor)
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bộ chế hòa khí


(ˈkaːbjuretə) , ((American) -bərei-) (American) carburetor noun
a part of an internal-combustion engine in which air is mixed with fuel.
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كَارْبُراتير karburátor karburator Vergaser καρμπιρατέρ carburador kaasutin carburateur rasplinjač carburatore キャブレター 기화기 carburateur forgasser gaźnik carburador карбюратор förgasare ตัวดูดอากาศเข้าลูกสูบ karbüratör bộ chế hòa khí 汽化器
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The only modification is the addition of a specially designed naturalgas carburetor that mixes the fuel and air to the proper combustion ratio.
Dirt can be the culprit, accumulating in the tank or on the filter, blocking the air flow through the fuel-tank breather, or restricting fuel flow by lodging in the carburetor orifices.
After a series of intermittent fuel leaks following shutdowns, the carburetor was removed for troubleshooting and/or overhaul.
Region 7 also announced that it will sample surface soil, sediment and air vapor intrusion beyond the boundaries of the site to determine if contaminants from the former automotive carburetor manufacturing facility may have moved to adjoining properties in the area, and whether those contaminants are at levels of concern to health.
The other option is to fill the tank and add a gas stabilizer into the gas tank and run the engine to get the treated gas into the carburetor. If you are using a gas that has ethanol in it, then it is important to use a stabilizer that is made to eliminate corrosion associated with alcohol fuels.
The pilot applied carburetor heat, but the engine lost 4 to 5 inches of manifold pressure.
If your lean-out gave more than a 50-RPM rise, your carburetor (or fuel injection--the same test applies) is set too rich and needs to be compensated in the lean direction.
I tried using the governor on the carburetor but that didn't work very well, so now I have a throttle cable.
RAY: It sounds like your carburetor is flooding and liquid gas is coming out the vents.
Also present on the site are toxic solvents from the carburetor manufacturing process known as trichloroethylene, or TCE.