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 (kär′bə-rīz′, -byə-)
tr.v. car·bu·rized, car·bu·riz·ing, car·bu·riz·es
1. To treat, combine, or impregnate with carbon, as when casehardening steel.
2. To carburet.

car′bu·ri·za′tion (-bər-ĭ-zā′shən, -byər-) n.
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They made tungsten carbide nanoparticles using a series of steps including hydrothermal treatment, separation, reduction, carburization and more.
Contract award notice: The subject matter of the Order is the performance by the Contractor of the repair of ACPI systems and electrical installations of boilers, turbosets, ashing, carburization, water management, MIOS in Siekierki EC and repairs of AKPiA boilers in C Kaweczyn in Warsaw together with the supply of all necessary materials, Apparatus and equipment.
The two castings produced with 2% binder showed more pearlite in the surface layer, indicating surface carburization.
High heat transfer coefficient, mechanical strength at elevated temperatures, creep resistance, microstructural stability, carburization resistance, oxidation resistance, and economic considerations are various criteria that should be considered for the appropriate selection of materials for equipment structures [4-6].
This also reduces the process time, carburization is controlled to a negligible level and no scaling takes place.
The boxes and its contents were allowed to cool down to room temperature in the furnace after carburization.
Jin, Wettability modification for biosurface of titanium alloy by means of sequential carburization, Journal of Bionic Engineering, 6, 219-223 (2009).
It has two major uses: manufacture of acetylene used in cutting metals and in the carburization of molten iron.
Fortunately, there are several treatments available, although some of these treatments can decrease carburization and resistance to tension corrosion.
Only high temperature oxidation properties are covered; discussion of hot corrosion, carburization, nitridation, or sulfidation is excluded.