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 (kär′bə-rīz′, -byə-)
tr.v. car·bu·rized, car·bu·riz·ing, car·bu·riz·es
1. To treat, combine, or impregnate with carbon, as when casehardening steel.
2. To carburet.

car′bu·ri·za′tion (-bər-ĭ-zā′shən, -byər-) n.
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The consolidation process conducted at an elevated temperature in a graphite die can lead to additional carburization and formation of additional tantalum carbides (Figures 1(e) and 1(f)).
They made tungsten carbide nanoparticles using a series of steps including hydrothermal treatment, separation, reduction, carburization and more.
Many surface treatments (like low-doserate implantation, ion beam deposition, plasma nitration and carburization) have been used to modify the tribological properties of titanium and titanium alloys [2-3].
Furthermore, the pin and plate specimens were treated via carburization or nitridation processes for investigating the effect of surface treatment on the friction and wear properties.
The two castings produced with 2% binder showed more pearlite in the surface layer, indicating surface carburization.
The authors [31] elaborated on the sequence of transformation of these powders and it was found that W[O.sub.3] is reduced to W phase by passing through the intermediate [W.sub.20][O.sub.58] and W[O.sub.2] phases and they suggested that the subsequent carburization sequence seemed like W [right arrow] [Co.sub.6][W.sub.6]C [right arrow] [Co.sub.3][W.sub.3]C [right arrow] [W.sub.2]C [right arrow] WC [31] for the production of WC.
High heat transfer coefficient, mechanical strength at elevated temperatures, creep resistance, microstructural stability, carburization resistance, oxidation resistance, and economic considerations are various criteria that should be considered for the appropriate selection of materials for equipment structures [4-6].
This also reduces the process time, carburization is controlled to a negligible level and no scaling takes place.
The boxes and its contents were allowed to cool down to room temperature in the furnace after carburization.