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 (kär′bə-rīz′, -byə-)
tr.v. car·bu·rized, car·bu·riz·ing, car·bu·riz·es
1. To treat, combine, or impregnate with carbon, as when casehardening steel.
2. To carburet.

car′bu·ri·za′tion (-bər-ĭ-zā′shən, -byər-) n.
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These liquefied petroleum gases such as butane and propane for domestic and propane as carburization product use.
High heat transfer coefficient, mechanical strength at elevated temperatures, creep resistance, microstructural stability, carburization resistance, oxidation resistance, and economic considerations are various criteria that should be considered for the appropriate selection of materials for equipment structures [4-6].
This also reduces the process time, carburization is controlled to a negligible level and no scaling takes place.
Fortunately, there are several treatments available, although some of these treatments can decrease carburization and resistance to tension corrosion.
Only high temperature oxidation properties are covered; discussion of hot corrosion, carburization, nitridation, or sulfidation is excluded.
Carpene, E, Flank, AM, Traverse, A, Schaaf, P, "EXAFS Investigation of Laser Nitridation and Laser Carburization of Silicon.
They are used to increase the scrap content in oxygen steel converters and as injection coal for slag foaming, for carburization and pre-deoxidation, and for recycling process dusts.
Locating pins for jigs and fixtures are available in a range of styles: round or diamond shape, with or without shoulder, for set screw or nut fixing, in 4137/SCM415 steel or 304/440C stainless, with hardening or carburization surface treatments, as applicable.
The coating is designed to prevent corrosion, oxidation, carburization, and sulfidation that commonly occur in gas, liquid, steam, and other hostile environments.
Carburization, a process in which carbon diffuses into steel, can occur at high temperatures when steel is contacted with oil or carbon deposits.