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 (kär′kə-jo͞o′, -zho͞o′)

[Canadian French, from Montagnais kuàkuàtsheu.]
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(ˈkɑːkəˌdʒuː; -ˌʒuː)
(Animals) a North American name for wolverine
[C18: from Canadian French, from Algonquian karkajou]
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Noun1.carcajou - stocky shaggy-coated North American carnivorous mammalcarcajou - stocky shaggy-coated North American carnivorous mammal
mustelid, musteline, musteline mammal - fissiped fur-bearing carnivorous mammals
genus Gulo, Gulo - a genus of Mustelidae
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Which member of the weasel family is also known as a glutton or carcajou? 8.
* de plus les dits bourgeois sobligent de payer aux dits Chasseurs les prix [?] pour toutes les pelleteries quils delivront au premier poste au cote Est des montagnes de rocher savoir dix Livres de vingt sols par [?] de Castor, quinze livres pour [?] par chaque peau dours, six livres de vingt Sols par Chaque peau dourson, meme prix pour Chaque peau de Loup Cervier, et pequant, trois livres meme Cours par Chaque maitre, quarante Sols par chaque foutreau, quatre livres de vingt Sols par chaque peau de Carcajou et dix sols ou [?] de livres par chaque peau de rat musque, [?] que toutes ces peaux soient de saison et preparee de la maniere ordinaire
Prairie Settlement on the banks of the mighty Peace River near Carcajou
OP CARCAJOU SANGLIER was the first wave of returning vehicles as part of the closure of the Canadian mission in Southern Afghanistan.
The NW-SE trending Mahony Arch defines two localized depocentres: the Carcajou sub-basin, which includes the cordilleran outcrops; and the Good Hope sub-basin, which lies to the east of any orogenic deformation and is known primarily from drillcore (Fig.
The Quebec City native showed why he's known as "La Carcajou" (the wolverine), as he fought through a packed peloton to catch top rival Jay Thomson with 200 meters to go before propelling himself past Thomson to win the general classification of the 51st annual Fitchburg Longsjo Classic.
And so begins a tense yet picaresque adventure involving a pair of monks, one of whom (played by Luis Guzman) is a bit of a lush; Carcajou (Lothaire Bluteau), a fearsome gang leader and whisky hijacker; and a trusty automobile named White Lightning.
It is also known as the carcajou, the skunk bear,and the Indian devil.