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 (kär′kə-nĕt′, -nĭt)
n. Archaic
A jeweled necklace, collar, or headband.

[From Old French carcan, collar, perhaps from Medieval Latin carcannum, perhaps of Germanic origin.]


(ˈkɑːkəˌnɛt; -nɪt)
(Jewellery) archaic a jewelled collar or necklace
[C16: from French carcan, of Germanic origin; compare Old Norse kverkband chin strap]


(ˈkɑr kəˌnɛt, -nɪt)

a woman's ornamental, usu. jeweled headband or necklace.
[1520–30; Middle French carcan choker]
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Rowena opened the small silver-chased casket, and perceived a carcanet, or neck lace, with ear-jewels, of diamonds, which were obviously of immense value.
Touchstones Rochdale / / 01706 924492 / Tomorrow to Saturday, September 7 / Free Literature / Northern Publisher's Fair The north of England has become a real hotbed of independent publishing talent, and this stellar celebration at Central Library - featuring stalls from the likes of Comma Press, Carcanet, Nine Arches Press, Fine Press Poetry, Wordsmith HQ and more - is a great way to explore the region's fertile literary scene.
Peter Jones and Michael Schmidt (Carcanet Press, 1980).
She explained that the innovators of the golden era are like a carcanet which is losing its treasured diamonds one after another.
I got my copy of Elizabeth Jennings's book of poems, Extending the Territory (Carcanet Press, 1985) and I began to read.
It includes Susannah Herbert, the executive director of National Poetry Day (September 28 this year, with the theme of Freedom), the poetry bosses of publishers Penguin, Picador and Carcanet - and, of course, Neil Astley, founding editor of Hexham-based Bloodaxe Books - and many other poetry movers and shakers.
One can see the wearying action of that responsibility on publisher poets like Peter Jay of Anvil Poetry, Michael Schmidt of Carcanet Press, and even James Laughlin of New Directions Publishing.
The literary press published the debut collections of Austin Alexis, author of "Privacy Issues" (Broadside/Lotus Press, 2014), recipient of the 20th annual Madgett Poetry Prize; and Jee Leong Koh, author of "Steep Tea" (Carcanet Press, 2015), finalist for a Lambda Literary Award, and selected by "The Financial Times" as one of four works for its Best Poetry List of 2015.
(3) Ford Madox Ford, Return to Yesterday, Manchester: Carcanet, 1999, 139.