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This has confirmed the observations of other similar studies across the country, concerning the gradual build-up of toxic pollutants in our aquatic environment and it is important to note that the presence of trace heavy metal pollutants in diets could create serious health problems ranging from neuro-, nephro-, carcino- to immunological disorders, if ingested over a long period of time.
According to the current study the most common site of for carcino- ma was buccal mucosa, where as study conducted at Shuakat Khanum Memorial Hospital shows that the most common site of carcinoma was anterior tongue followed by buccal mucosa, lower gingiva and alveolus.
The food analyst asserted that the additives were potentially carcino- genic - just like the banned dye in Worcester sauce, but the Government withdraws one range of products while allowing our children to eat harmful food every single day of their school lives.