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A pathological condition characterized by the presence of carcinomas that have metastasized to many parts of the body.

[Greek karkinōma, karkinōmat-, cancerous ulcer; see carcinoma + -osis.]


(Pathology) pathol a condition characterized by widespread dissemination of carcinomas or by a carcinoma that affects a large area. Also called: carcinosis


(ˌkɑr sə noʊ məˈtoʊ sɪs)

a condition marked by the production of carcinomas throughout the body.


See also: Cancer


n carcinomatosis f
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PKC plans to evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy in an upcoming clinical trial in patients diagnosed with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis and who have also had HER2 positive breast cancer.
Approximately, 5 percent of ascites cases have more than one cause, such as cirrhosis plus peritoneal carcinomatosis (13).
Multifocal FDG-avid hepatic metastases were also identified, as well as extensive serosal, peritoneal, mesenteric, and omental carcinomatosis (Figure 2b).
Leboulleux and colleagues (7) reported 4 years postoperative peritoneal carcinomatosis of 26% and 66% of patients managed by open and laparoscopic adrenalectomy, respectively.
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey understands John Waage's situation and we are mindful and sympathetic to him, his family, and friends during this difficult time,'' the company said in a written statement which repeated their assertion that "For patients with colon cancer outside the abdominal cavity, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network currently considers the treatment of disseminated carcinomatosis with cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC to be investigational and does not endorse this therapy outside of a clinical trial.
Evaluation of intracavitary mitoxantrone and carboplatin for treatment of carcinomatosis, sarcomatosis and mesothelioma, with or without malignant effusions: a retrospective analysis of 12 cases (1997-2002).
Reported findings on CT include ascites, large omental masses, and low density peritoneal lesions with peripheral enhancement mimicking peritoneal carcinomatosis or pseudomyxoma peritonei.
Recently it is used experimentally and clinically for peritoneal carcinomatosis, non-small cell lung cancer, premalignant conditions of the upper aerodigestive tract, and prostate cancer (Bauer et al.
Meningeal carcinomatosis is the tumoral invasion of the leptomeninges.
Due to recurrent characteristics of hypertensive encephalopathy, chronic bacterial and fungal infections of the central nervous system, a current cerebrovascular accident and central nervous system vasculitis, and meningeal carcinomatosis were investigated.
6) classified three pathological types of pseudomyxoma peritonei, namely (1) low-grade disseminated peritoneal adenomucinosis (DPAM), (2) high-grade peritoneal mucinous carcinomatosis (PMCA) and (3) peritoneal mucinous carcinomatosis with intermediate-grade or discordant features (PMCA-I/D).
Valerie has been diagnosed with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, which is very rare and usually a secondary or metastatic cancer.