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n. pl. car·ci·no·mas or car·ci·no·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
An invasive malignant tumor derived from epithelial tissue that tends to metastasize to other areas of the body.

[Latin, cancerous ulcer, from Greek karkinōma, from karkinos, cancer; see kar- in Indo-European roots.]

car′ci·no′ma·toid (-nō′mə-toid′) adj.
car′ci·nom′a·tous (-nŏm′ə-təs, -nō′mə-) adj.
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Adj.1.carcinomatous - being or relating to carcinoma; "a carcinomatous lesion"
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enhanced###properties of###Differentiates carcinomatous foci from
Immunohistochemistry, the carcinomatous component is universally positive for EMA and pan keratin and is positive for vimentin in 80%-90% tumours.
In such conditions, deeper sections or additional tissue fragments may be needed due to difficulty in assessing small carcinomatous glands, nucleolar prominence and myoepithelial layer.
These non-temporal lesions included basal ganglia hyperintensity plus cortical ribboning determined in 2 patients who were finally diagnosed with Creutzfeld-Jakob disease (CJD), multiple contrast enhanced lesions in 1 patient diagnosed with carcinomatous meningitis, and bilateral periventricular lesions in 1 patient diagnosed with acute disseminating encephalomyelitis (ADEM).
24,25] Furthermore, well-defined foci of cyclin D1 expression are present in the normal mucosa adjacent to the carcinomatous tissue.
Diplopia in a patient with carcinomatous meningitis: a case report and review of the literature.
Prostatic carcinosarcoma is a rare malignancy composed of sarcomatous and carcinomatous elements.
Paraneoplastic arthritis, or carcinomatous polyarthritis, is a rare condition, and it may precede the clinical manifestation before being diagnosed, without the cancer becoming symptomatic.
Hypertriglyceridemia in Ehrlich Ascites Carcinomatous Mice: Tumor and Mouse Strain Differences.
Mixed adenoneuroendocrine carcinoma of the gallbladder with squamous cell carcinomatous and osteosarcomatous differentiation: report of a case.
Acute monocular visual loss in carcinomatous hypertrophic pachymeningitis mimicking giant cell arteritis.