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Noun1.card trick - a trick performed with playing cardscard trick - a trick performed with playing cards
conjuring trick, legerdemain, magic trick, thaumaturgy, magic, deception, conjuration, illusion, trick - an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers
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The cards, of course, are for card tricks, and they are scattered on the floor because he had just been practising one of those dodges of sending them flying through the air.
He did make one or two feeble efforts to take up the work again when the six months had elapsed, but there was always the same coldness - the same want of sympathy on the part of the world to fight against; and, after awhile, he despaired altogether, and advertised the instrument for sale at a great sacrifice - "owner having no further use for same" - and took to learning card tricks instead.
THE VENUE, PIER HEAD: The big party at the Royal Liverpool Building includes: glass of champagne on arrival, card trick magician, five-course dinner, cash bar until 1am, DJ and dance floor, view of the city fireworks from The Venue's balcony.
Second place went to Olli Bassett, from Thongsbridge, who presented a combined magic/comedy routine as an ex-policeman demonstrating a card trick that culminated in him spitting the card out of his mouth.
The Institute of Engineering and Technology came into the school to give a demonstration of the maths involved behind a card trick as well as giving a light-hearted and informative talk about thunder and lightning.
Magician" features the Aflac Duck attempting to perform several magic tricks, including a horizontal levitation trick that quickly goes awry, a standard card trick that produces smoke which later erupts into flames and an unsuccessful disappearing lady trick.
The workshop will help would-be novelists to plan out their manuscript using Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey," complete with a three-act structure and a screenwriting card trick.
In brief the card trick involves members of the audience removing a card from the pack.
Anyway, after the guy performed his card trick, the crowd went bananas and Simon Cowell declared that he "now believes in magic".
Levin teaches a card trick to the young Werner with the hope that it will keep him alive as well.
Here's a card trick that will quickly improve your math skills while you amaze your friends.