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n. pl. car·di·ae (-dē-ē′) or car·di·as
1. The opening of the esophagus into the stomach.
2. The upper portion of the stomach that adjoins this opening.

[Greek kardiā, heart, cardiac orifice of the stomach; see kerd- in Indo-European roots.]
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a lower oesophageal sphincter
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(ˈkɑr di ə)

n., pl. -di•ae (-diˌi)
an opening that connects the esophagus and the upper part of the stomach.
[1775–85; < New Latin < Greek kardía, literally, heart]


a combining form occurring in words that denote an anomalous or undesirable action or position of the heart, as specified by the initial element: tachycardia.
[perhaps orig. representing Greek kardía heart, though coincidence with the abstract n. suffix -ia has influenced sense]
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Noun1.cardia - the opening into the stomach and that part of the stomach connected to the esophagus
orifice, porta, opening - an aperture or hole that opens into a bodily cavity; "the orifice into the aorta from the lower left chamber of the heart"
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n. cardia, desembocadura del esófago en el estómago.
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