cardiac insufficiency

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Noun1.cardiac insufficiency - inadequate blood flow to the heart muscles; can cause angina pectoris
insufficiency - (pathology) inability of a bodily part or organ to function normally
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Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to fish-, egg-, soya- peanut- proteins, corn/corn product or to any of the active substances or excipients; Severe hyperlipidemia; Severe hepatic impairment; Severe blood coagulation disorders; Congenital abnormalities of amino acid metabolism; Severe renal impairment without access to hemofiltration or dialysis; Uncontrolled hyperglycemia; Pathologically elevated serum levels of any of the included electrolytes; General contraindications to infusion therapy: acute pulmonary oedema, hyperhydration, and decompensated cardiac insufficiency; Unstable conditions (e.g.
During the strike, Sentsov's health was severely deteriorated, and he suffered from cardiac insufficiency, as well as liver and kidney diseases.
In the 10th month of the postoperative period, the patient died due to cardiac insufficiency without any detected tumoral relapse.
Patients undergoing dialysis, arterio-venous grafts or fistulas in either arm, history of cerebrovascular disease or cardiac insufficiency, notable hemodynamic disturbances such as hemorrhage or onset of anemia in the previous 3 months, smoking, alcohol or caffeine use in the previous two days, sonographic evidence of vertebral artery occlusion or plaque formation in common carotid arteries and internal carotid arteries were excluded from the study.
Decreased dose of contrast agent and monitorization of renal function positively affect renal and cardiac insufficiency (6).
More people suffer from cardiac insufficiency despite advances in preventing and minimizing damage to the heart.
According to Brown et al., patients with risks to the prolongation of the QTc interval are those with cardiac comorbidity (including cardiac insufficiency), with arrhythmia incidents or heart failure or a family history of sudden death by cardiac causes (3).
In the presence of cardiac insufficiency in ductus venosus agenesis, other pathologies that could lead to cardiac insufficiency must also be sought.
However, severe hypophosphataemia (Less than 1.0 mg/dL) may lead to more serious problems[4] such as reduced diaphragmatic contractility,[9] cardiac arrhythmias,[10] myocardial reduction, and severe congestive cardiac insufficiency in the postoperative period of cardiac surgery.
Prolonged oral L- carnitine substitution increases bicycle ergometer performance in patients with severe, ischemically induced cardiac insufficiency. Cardiovasc Drugs The.r 1999;13:537-546.