cardiac insufficiency

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Noun1.cardiac insufficiency - inadequate blood flow to the heart muscles; can cause angina pectoris
insufficiency - (pathology) inability of a bodily part or organ to function normally
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Contract notice: UniversitEntsklinikum wE-rzburg, new german centre for cardiac insufficiency - civil engineering and landscape construction.
Kyrgyzstan had many cases of complicated coronary heart diseases with cardiac insufficiency.
SHEIKH NAZIM KIBRISyu HOSPITALIZED: Ninety-one year-old well-known Islamic Scholar Sheikh Nazim Kyybryysi was hospitalized due to respiratory and cardiac insufficiency at the Near East University (YDU) Hospital in Northern Cyprus.
Numerous randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials report hawthorn's ability to improve exercise capacity, alleviate symptoms of cardiac insufficiency, and treat mild to moderate CHF, the area of the most research.
The uses of solanesol include Vitamin K2 (an anti-hemorrhagic vitamin), Vitamin E (an anti-sterility vitamin) and Coenzyme Q10 (a physiologically active substance fighting cardiac insufficiency, muscular dystrophy, anaemia, and other health problems).
The Chinese intern died of an acute cardiac insufficiency while going to bed in a dormitory of the company in June, 2008.
Increasingly, INCOR is used in patients who are suffering from sever cardiac insufficiency as a life-saving device.
Clinical findings included low-grade fever, cardiac insufficiency with peripheral edema, hepatosplenomegaly, and 20% half-moon nephritis; a transesophageal echocardiograph did not show signs of endocarditis.
After Al-Nadim was diagnosed with an infection that created pulmonary pressure and cardiac insufficiency, his family and PHR -- Israel tried to coordinate a trip for Samir to Nablus for an urgent operation.