cardiac resuscitation

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Noun1.cardiac resuscitation - an emergency procedure consisting of external cardiac massage and artificial respirationcardiac resuscitation - an emergency procedure consisting of external cardiac massage and artificial respiration; the first treatment for a person who has collapsed and has no pulse and has stopped breathing; attempts to restore circulation of the blood and prevent death or brain damage due to lack of oxygen
emergency procedure - (medicine) a procedure adopted to meet an emergency (especially a medical emergency)
cardiac massage, heart massage - an emergency procedure that employs rhythmic compression of the heart (either through the chest wall or, during surgery, directly to the heart) in an attempt to maintain circulation during cardiac arrest
artificial respiration - an emergency procedure whereby breathing is maintained artificially
resuscitation - the act of reviving a person and returning them to consciousness; "although he was apparently drowned, resuscitation was accomplished by artificial respiration"
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Contract notice: Acquisition of cardiac resuscitation equipment and medical ventilation with performance of associated services
Questions remain over when cardiac resuscitation was first administered.
Epinephrine has been the cornerstone of cardiac resuscitation and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) from the birth of modern cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the early 1960s.
The company provides emergency services for patients with chest pains and heart attacks, cardiac resuscitation, defibrillation and intubation, respiratory distress, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, abdominal pain and fevers, lacerations, sprains, bruises, strains and general pain.
Paramedics performed cardiac resuscitation on Harutunyan, but the murder victim could not be revived.
In particular, 400 cardiac resuscitation training courses have been held for 7500 trainees from different health sectors.
Having initiated a dry hunger strike now, including no intake of glucose, will put her at high risk of sudden onset arrythmias loss of consciousness and possibly death especially that she is in a detention center were no cardiac monitor or cardiac resuscitation service is available" said Internal Medicine Specialist Fatima Haji.
Sections cover medical emergencies such as heart failure, cardiac resuscitation, alcoholism, psychiatric and behavioral disorders, abdominal pain, bleeding disorders, infectious diseases, anaphylaxis, and disorders of oxygenation, ventilation, brain function, cerebral circulation, and glucose metabolism; maternal health and the newborn, including childbirth and resuscitation; pediatrics, including child abuse and neglect; and special patients, such as the elderly, those with disabilities, chronically ill patients, and those involved in intimate partner violence.
Abu Dhabi Fifteen mobile cardiac resuscitation devices have been made available at the headquarters and branches of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) across Abu Dhabi.
Each year, the science of cardiac resuscitation grows, but a constant of the past 50 years of CPR has been the importance of having a person who is trained to respond properly when the crisis occurs.
This event is hoped to have contributed to improved patient care and outcomes for patients through the dissemination of knowledge regarding best practice for cardiac resuscitation.

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