cardiogenic shock

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Noun1.cardiogenic shock - shock caused by cardiac arrest
shock - (pathology) bodily collapse or near collapse caused by inadequate oxygen delivery to the cells; characterized by reduced cardiac output and rapid heartbeat and circulatory insufficiency and pallor; "loss of blood is an important cause of shock"
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The coroner ruled the cause of death was multi-organ failure and cardiac shock caused by pneumonia with renal failure, liver disfunction and beta thalassaemia.
Three patients had severe complication: one with complete atrioventricular block and cardiac shock, 1 with ventricular fibrillation, and 1 with left ventricular thrombus and arterial thromboembolism who was diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) because of the positive result of lupus anticoagulant.
Run the World (Girls) opened the show, with a beat so powerful it produced cardiac shock waves.