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An agent, such as a drug, that increases the heart rate.

car′di·o′ac·cel′er·a′tion n.
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However in 7 out of the 10 cases, RR intervals decreased (cardioacceleration; from baseline 850 [+ or -] 86 to rTMS 830 [+ or -] 119 ms), while, for the remaining 3 cases, RR intervals increased (cardioinhibition; baseline 826 [+ or -] 137, rTMS 865 [+ or -] 108 ms).
Elimination of delayed onset muscle soreness by pre-resistance cardioacceleration before each set.
This might be due to training related diminished cardiopulmonary cardioacceleration (Mack et al., 1993).
The typical response elicited by both cold and warm stimuli was a brief slowing of the heart rate, followed by prolonged cardioacceleration. Winter and summer lobsters responded somewhat differently to thermal stimuli, suggesting some type of seasonal temperature-independent modulation of their responsiveness to thermal stimuli.