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The parametric equations of this cardioid are
x = -a cos θ (1 - cos θ),
y = a sin θ (1 - cos θ).


A heart-shaped plane curve, the locus of a fixed point on a circle that rolls on the circumference of another circle with the same radius.
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(Mathematics) a heart-shaped curve generated by a fixed point on a circle as it rolls around another fixed circle of equal radius, a. Equation: r = a(1 – cos φ), where r is the radius vector and φ is the polar angle
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(ˈkɑr diˌɔɪd)

a heart-shaped curve traced by a point on a circle that rolls without slipping on another equal circle. Equation: r = a (1−cosA).
[1745–55; < Greek kardioeidḗs heart-shaped]
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Noun1.cardioid - an epicycloid in which the rolling circle equals the fixed circlecardioid - an epicycloid in which the rolling circle equals the fixed circle
epicycloid - a line generated by a point on a circle rolling around another circle
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[ˈkɑːdɪˌɔɪd] n (Math) → cardioide f
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The G7 X Mark III Package B (P48,998) is on offer with the Vlogger Service Support and a Vlogger's Kit which includes an Ulanzi bracket with cold shoe (microphone mount plate, a LensGo L322 multifunction desktop tripod, and a Boya BY-MM1 universal cardioid microphone.
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GDMO also selected Sennheiser's ME 104 cardioid microphone capsule from the modular series of lapel microphones with five SK 6000 bodypack transmitters to provide the best feedback rejection and attenuation of room noise.
For recording yourself, you should choose a cardioid pattern, which means that it records what it's aimed at very well and it depresses the ambient noise from all other directions.
Wright, "A compact flush-mounting antenna with direction finding and steerable cardioid pattern capability," IEEE Trans.
The antenna is available with a wide cardioid azimuth pattern, Model i230ECW, or a narrow cardioid azimuth pattern, Model i230ECN.
In order to record the speech sample, there was a HD-75 headset microphone model of the Le Son brand, cardioid unidirectional, at a distance of about 5 cm from their mouth.
In addition, we assumed a uniform parallel-to-shore wind and its speed, duration, and fetch were assumed to be sufficient for fully developed Bragg scattering waves having a broad cardioid directional distribution of spectral energy [17].
Namely, if the value of the coefficient is inside the main cardioid of the Mandelbrot set, Julia set will represent the misshapen circle.
By selecting one of the four modes, the microphone will pick up sound from different areas, so the cardioid function will take sound directly in front of it, while the omnidirectional mode records equally from all directions.
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