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Adj.1.cardiologic - of or relating to or used in or practicing cardiology; "cardiologic evidence"
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Therefore, when applying distinct skiing modes and the terrain allows steady skiing over a longer period, AS might provide sufficient stimulus for the cardiologic and metabolic system to enhance fitness and reduce cardiovascular risk.
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Abnormalities in mitochondrial functions have been reported in several human pathologies, including cardiologic, haematologic, autoimmune, neurologic, and psychiatric disorders.
Among the 65 subjects, 38 subjects were considered as CAD-negative subjects, enrolled individuals with normal clinical, cardiologic, and resting and stress electrographic assessments.
From a cardiologic point of view, embolism to several organs (the most severe potential complication of intracardiac and vascular foreign bodies), tricuspid valve insufficiency, myocardial damage and endocarditis, recurrent pericardial effusions, and chest pain are potential complications of all intracardiac or vascular foreign bodies.
The hospital closest to my house lacks a cardiologic emergency service, but I go there for first aid and then he (the child) gets transferred (Mother 5).
Dutch Footballer Persie arrived in the late morning hours at Liv hospital located in Istanbul's Ulus neighborhood and underwent a series of health screening including cardiologic tests such as effort EKO and EKA.
Among other research projects, the first wireless transmission of heart frequency and cardiologic observations during sports events were studied at this Institute [2].
16 (SUNA) - The Medical Delegation of the Sudanese Red Crescent Society returned home Saturday from Gaza after spending eighteen days there, during which it provided medical and humanitarian aid to the citizens of Gaza, which have been suffering from the atrocious aggression of the so-called Zionist state.The delegation, which included 12 Sudanese medical surgeons headed by the Cardiologic Consultant and Vice Chancellor of Al-Zaem Al-Azahary University Prof.
Lastly, aspects relating to human health and not restricted to the local can be also found, like the determination of irradiation levels in cardiologic studies in infants or the calibration of pediatric radiology equipment.
###Patient who could not be fully evaluated in terms of cardiologic status###287
Conform Asociatiei Britanice pentru Preventie Cardiovasculara si Reabilitare, recuperarea cardiovasculara a varstnicului cuprinde patru aspecte: inserarea principiilor de educatie cardiovasculara, necesitatea programelor nationale de educatie sanitara, tratamentul cardiologic specializat si monitorizarea pacientilor cu boli cardiovasculare, prin preventie secundara si tertiara (1).