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 (kärd′shärp′) also card·sharp·er (-shär′pər)
An expert in cheating at cards.

card′sharp′ing n.


(ˈkɑːdˌʃɑːp) or


(Card Games) a professional card player who cheats
ˈcardˌsharping n



also card′sharp`er,

a person who cheats at card games.
Also called card′ shark`.
[1855–60, Amer.]
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Noun1.cardsharp - a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card gamescardsharp - a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games
card player - someone who plays (or knows how to play) card games
chiseler, chiseller, defrauder, grifter, scammer, swindler, gouger - a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud


[ˈkɑːdˌʃɑːp] N cardsharper [ˈkɑːdˌʃɑːpəʳ] Nfullero/a m/f, tahur m


[ˈkɑːdˌʃɑːp] nbaro
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The ECHO found the Outdoor Handy Cardsharp Credit Card Knife being sold online for as little as PS1.
00 Newmarket Cardsharp seldom misses a gig or fails to give his running, but the Middle Park and Gimcrack Stakes are unusual preps for this.
Expert Eye (4/7), Emaraaty (4/1), U S Navy Flag (8/1), Seahenge (9/1), Cardsharp (25/1), Threeandfourpence (33/1), Theobald (33/1), Mendelssohn (40/1), Great Prospector (40/1)
Winner of his maiden over course and distance, this colt went on to finish second to Cardsharp in Newmarket's July Stakes and, last time, he was beaten two and a half lengths when fourth to stable-companion Sioux Nation in the recent Keeneland Phoenix Stakes, also over this course and distance.
Battle-hardened Cardsharp is an ace in the pack for in-form Johnston in the Gimcrack
Cardsharp was such a cosy winner of the July Stakes at Newmarket that he is fancied to defy a 3lb penalty in the Qatar Richmond Stakes.
Good racing at Beverley, with the Johnston-trained Cardsharp highly likely to be involved at the finish of the Brian Yeardley Continental Two-Year-Old Trophy.
Caught in the crosshairs of this volatile situation is a lonely young man, Arturo, a cardsharp who is enlisted to help save the life of his old friend Faustino--but who finds himself in a bargain he has no real way to win.
Putting its cardsharp hero through various escapades in Thailand that prove largely irrelevant to his mission to topple a gambling syndicate, the film shortchanges its starry cast with its shambolic plot and imbecilic gags.
Even the best poker face won't work against a new superhuman cardsharp.
The Sinclair Cardsharp is an ultra-thin knife that unfolds like origami.
He was Bret Maverick, a cardsharp and ladies man who got by on his wits instead of a six-gun and would just as soon duck a fight as face a showdown.