care delivery

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supplying, provision, supply - the activity of supplying or providing something
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This requirement resulted in substantial support for sustained practice changes in care delivery.
These systemic health care delivery system problems result in lower quality of care, higher-than-necessary medical costs, a loss of health system capacity, and a reduction in access to care.
It is a tremendous honor to work with all of you who are dedicated to health care delivery,'' Seaver said as he addressed the attendees.
What seems daunting is in fact quite possible when we develop volume, care delivery and staffing assumptions before the architects even arrive.
Already lionized by the Romanow Royal Commission as Canada's "best kept secret" in community-based health care delivery, Sault Ste.
TORONTO -- The management health care delivery will shift many functions of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to 14 Local Health Integration Networks.
As these problems become more evident, their divergence from the existing system of oral health care delivery also becomes more obvious.
Health Care Delivery System, Fifth Edition published by the Springer Publishing Company.
Telemedicine, defined as the use of advanced telecommunications technologies to bridge distance and support health care delivery and education, is an essential part of health informatics.
All 50 states have regulations, but now 27 include the term "assisted living," recognizing that the assisted living model has distinctive elements of care delivery.
Judy Smith, GNP, RN, is the owner of Clinical/Operational Innovations, a Denver, Colorado-based consulting firm specializing in nontraditional care delivery models in long term care.