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Pursuit of professional advancement as one's chief or sole aim: "Rampant careerism, which makes many a work place a joyless site, was in check" (Mary McGrory).

ca·reer′ist adj. & n.


(kəˈrɪər ɪz əm)

devotion to a career, often at the expense of one's personal life or ethics.
ca•reer′ist, n.


the characteristics associated with one who advances his career even at the expense of his pride and dignity. — careerist, n.
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Noun1.careerism - the practice of advancing your career at the expense of your personal integrity
practice, pattern - a customary way of operation or behavior; "it is their practice to give annual raises"; "they changed their dietary pattern"
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That's because the men around her had been focused on careerism, that is, they had attempted to advance their careers at the expense of their integrity.
Intellectual Impotence VI Careerism and professionalism are the enemies of hard-core truth .
A fine line, however, separates valid concern of one's success in the military from excessive, unhealthy careerism.
Hence, the author argues that contemporary Black leaders (post-Civil Rights Era) have focused primarily on self-promotion, careerism, and middle-class interests.
Pope Francis, proclaiming four new Catholic saints who lived simple and generous lives, told priests and bishops on Sunday that service, and not careerism, was the way to exercise authority in the Church.
JEREMY CO Y RBYN, like every other Labour politician, has to walk the tightrope between dogmatism on the left and careerism on the right.
This would contradict everything he has been preaching about clericalism and careerism in the Curia.
Francis has frequently spoken out against careerism in the church.
Bureaucracy, careerism and insatiable personal interest constitute the very fuel that drives nations into a state of despotism, dictatorship and decadence.
Pope Francis has blasted top Catholic officials, saying the Vatican bureaucracy is riddled with careerism and scheming.
And the casual sexism is always there to rein us in, too: a Wall Street Journal editorial blaming fatherless children on mothers throws out the term "female careerism.
Evoking masculine, dangerously intimate, polished surfaces, Straight Razor reveals libidinous encounters, elegies, and satires on careerism in poetry.