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The fare charged a passenger, as on a streetcar or bus.


US and Canadian the fare that a passenger is charged for a ride on a bus, etc



the amount charged for a ride on a subway or bus.
[1865–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.carfare - the fare charged for riding a bus or streetcar
fare, transportation - the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance


[ˈkɑːfɛəʳ] N (US) → pasaje m, precio m (del billete)
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From this they had to deduct their carfare, since the distance was so great; but after a while they made friends, and learned still more, and then they would save their carfare.
"I didn't have the carfare, and I live across the Bay," Martin answered bluntly, with the idea of showing them his imperative need for the money.
I had some drinks, an' treated a couple of the boys, an' then there was carfare. If I'd a-won, I'd a-got a hundred.
The passion for cricket despite the hot weather won the organisers good sponsorship support with companies such as Carfare Group, Cosmo Cosmetics, Hamidi Oud and Perfumes, ARMAF, Pocari Sweats, Colatta Chocolates, Zamzam Group, Global Computers, Nova Group and Alliance Group coming out to support the events.
It was a big mistake on their part, as it turned out, because without carfare to the next town I was pretty much stuck in Niagara Falls.
He had borrowed carfare to go to Chicago, when the wire came that his first big well had come in.
Each of these roads operated under exclusive franchise granted by the municipal authorities, often granted for extremely long periods of time, and subjecting the firm to various types of regulation as to the route, number of tracks, service frequency and carfare. In New York (and most other places) the almost universal fare was five cents per ride, usually part of the franchise agreement.
yet he continued to respond to every word of the experimenter, and obeyed to the end." Milgram's volunteers were paid four dollars plus carfare, worth about fifty dollars today.
xx COOK MIKE Suddenly on February 24, Mike, aged 79 years of Castleton, former owner of Carfare in Guisbrough.
The government is also very supportive in terms of trade exhibitions and road shows showcasing the beauty and various attractions of both nations to each other," said Singh, who is also chief executive and managing director of Lama and Carfare Groups.
Bassi, chairman of mobility solutions provider Carfare, who owns two flats with his wife Jasbir in the high-rise, said he was in India when he heard about the fire.
Lama Group, a leading destination management company in the UAE, and Carfare, a privately-owned comprehensive mobility solution group, have signed a deal to merge the two services.