cargo container

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Noun1.cargo container - a large container for freightcargo container - a large container for freight  
container - any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another)
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They planned to transfer a cargo container from the station back into the cargo bay in preparation for the ship's undocking from the station, set for tomorrow.
Large-scale Gamma-Ray/X-Ray Imaging Systems--These massive units can transmit and reflect images of the contents of a cargo container, rail car, vehicle or trailer-truck.
Users of BCS3 can "drill down" on sustainment cargo container shipments to identify each of the container's contents.
The sources said that the visiting team held a meeting with the authorities concerned over cargo facilities and discussed issues related to cargo container clearing at the airport.
"Casey the Container" is an exciting children's book about cargo container operations, which move 85 percent internationally traded goods and commodities.
NovaVision is a major domestic manufacturer of cargo container barrier seals, mechanical seals, Tamper Evident tape, labels, holographic TE labels and other cargo security products.
Allegedly the operator was untrained in the giant cargo container x-rays at the piers, only in smaller portable units with different computer operating system.
She was found in a cargo container at East Mains industrial estate in Broxburn on Monday.
Ports covered by Global Port Tracker handled 1.7 million TEUs (one TEU is one 20-foot-long cargo container or its equivalent) in November, a volume representing a decline of 1.7% from October but a 5.8% gain from the same month a year earlier.
Drugs Control General Department (DCGD) followed a source of information that indicated an incoming cargo container that hides the narcotics inside.
This study is focused on the LD-3 cargo container as a case study; however the design concepts could be extended and applied to any other ULD.