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A "strong flow of air" during takeoff caused the An-12 transport aircraft's cargo hatch to pop off, resulting in the spill.
Contract Awarded for Sole source: cgc oak cargo hatch
Crewmen, sometimes the cargo hatch seal doesn't always keep dust and water out of your Bradley's troop compartment like it's supposed to.
I found the definitions slightly uneven in terms of helpfulness: for instance, whilst one explains that 'coaming' is the edge of a cargo hatch (pretty superfluous to the action), both 'denarii' and 'sestercii' are used to measure money, with no explanation of the difference and no comparison with present day values.
Inevitably, the rubber tube springs a leak or is cut by a submerged cargo hatch or a shark or a baddie with a knife.
The model features a rounded exterior, the passenger door replaced by a cargo hatch that serves as a boot, the passenger seating converted to a work station that features a small table and power outlets, and an instrument cluster with six primary gauges.
The other soldiers had dropped down from the cargo hatch, and as the APC careened wildly down the narrow wooded path, broken branches cascaded into the opening, adding to the confusion.
30 caliber Browning machine gun with armor shield on each side of the cargo hatch.